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  1. weeba

    Bloomberg Feature on SB Ring Heist
  2. weeba

    2019 Belichick Breakdowns

    PIT: View:
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    Excerpt From Jerry Remy Book

    Focuses on Jared's murder of his wife.
  4. weeba - How to Homer

    Good long form:
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    Security Cameras

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a wireless (battery powered + wifi) security camera? Outlets and ethernet aren't really available where I want to place the cameras. Thx
  6. weeba

    LED Color Balance

    I can't find it, but I could have sworn that there was a website where you could look up your model number, and get the best calibration numbers for contrast etc. Anyone have a link?
  7. weeba

    Channel 7 Losing NBC Affiliation in 2017
  8. weeba

    Failing External HD

    I've got a hard drive that is clearly on the way out.  It's a 3 TB drive, with ~750 GB used.  When plugged in, it shows 100% available, but is inaccessible.  When I use test disk, I can see the old file structure, and can browse, but I cannot copy any of the files off.  CHKDSK fails after ~10%...
  9. weeba

    F$%^ You, Comcast

    Figured they needed their own thread.   Anyone having any issues today? I'm getting under 1mb download speed (upload seems to be unaffected), and their help is useless beyond "we'll schedule a technician and it will be resolved in 12-24 hours).   I'm in Lynn, and someone in Salem is reporting...
  10. weeba

    Getting Rid of a Leased Modem

    Thinking about finally buying my own modem to replace Comcast's.  Any suggestions?   Also currently on a Cisco E2500 router and looking to upgrade that in the near term as well. Will take suggestions there as well.
  11. weeba

    PC issue

    Wonder if anyone has an idea on this one. I have an older PC (2007), running win7. It has been running fine until recently, when all of a sudden, apps are launching slowly. I can see the process start immediately, but the GUI won't launch for a few minutes. This only happens on some apps though...
  12. weeba

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    Went looking for another thread on Dan Shaughnessy. Couldn't believe I couldn't find one. Today's piece: And more specifically, it's intro: QUOTE RT MYERS, Fla. - Cup or no cup? That is the question. It’s a delicate issue...
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    TMQ Thread More Favre love today: QUOTE Hidden Play of the Week No. 2: Three snaps before the winning Minnesota play, the Vikings faced third-and-10 on their own 46 with 33 seconds remaining. Favre escaped a pass-rusher, then threw backwards...