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  1. barbed wire Bob

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Is it bad of me to laugh when Mookie struck out?
  2. barbed wire Bob

    Felger: Red Sox offered Mookie what he asked for, and were turned down

    Aim low. Fast is fine, But accuracy is final. You must learn to be slow in a hurry. View:
  3. barbed wire Bob

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Yeah, the next time you see him, he’s standing on the third base side watching Arozarena fall. Then he moves toward home when he sees the ball was loose. He seemed very lackadaisical after the ball was hit.
  4. barbed wire Bob

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

  5. barbed wire Bob

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Cody Bellinger dislocates shoulder during the home -run celebration.
  6. barbed wire Bob

    Doc Emrick to retire from NHL broadcast booth

    I’m not a hockey fan and about the only time I watch a game is during the playoffs. But when I do decide to watch, the primary reason is to hear Doc call a game. If there were a Mount Rushmore for sports announcers, he would be on it along side Vin Scully and Keith Jackson.
  7. barbed wire Bob

    Tennis 2020: There is an I in Thiem

  8. barbed wire Bob

    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    That got me too. I assume masks are being worn, social distancing is being observed and good, sanitary practices are used. :rolleyes: The other thing that got me was why on earth did he get involved in an argument between two guys? Yes, I know he wanted to get into his car but the best way...
  9. barbed wire Bob

    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    Tommy Pham stabbed outside of a strip club in San Diego.
  10. barbed wire Bob

    2020 ALCS: Good vs Evil

    That was nice. :)
  11. barbed wire Bob

    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    The big problem with the Angels is that he would have to work for Arte Moreno. He has too much involvement in the day-to-day operations and he doesn’t really allow the GMs to run the organization as they see fit...
  12. barbed wire Bob

    Covid and MLB

    Former Dodgers outfielder and two-time World Series champion Jay Johnstone has died of COVID-19 complications. I have fond memories of him when he played for the Mariners.
  13. barbed wire Bob

    2020 Golf Thread

    That must have been quite shocking.
  14. barbed wire Bob

    Gale Sayers Dead at 77

    I would also add Joe Montana and (I’m dating myself) Fran Tarkenton.
  15. barbed wire Bob

    JBJ in 2021

    View: He is one of my favorite players and I hope the Sox sign him to a reasonable contract. I also must say they are a good looking couple and their daughter is very cute. Good luck to them whatever happens in the future and thanks!
  16. barbed wire Bob

    2020 US Open

    For comparative purposes this is DJ’s distance chart for 2017. What I would love to see is a comparison between the old clubs and modern clubs when miss- hitting the ball because I think the biggest advantage modern clubs provide is their forgiveness.
  17. barbed wire Bob

    2020 US Open

    Good catch.
  18. barbed wire Bob

    2020 US Open

    And to your point, I remember reading this little tidbit about Jack Nicklaus. There’s always going to be long hitters on the tour and I’m guessing there is a practical speed limit on how fast any human can swing a club regardless of how much muscle mass they have. But what seems to be happening...
  19. barbed wire Bob

    2020 US Open

    Regarding the bolded, there‘s the question of whether or not Bryson’s bulking up is actually helping him. As you have pointed out, other golfers were actually outdriving him and they have no where near the body mass Bryson has. Wolff, for example, is listed as weighing 165lbs. From what I...
  20. barbed wire Bob

    2020 US Open

    How many courses have been dropped from the PGA because of their length? My guess is that most, if not all, of the former tour events were dropped either because of a lack of sponsor or because they didn’t draw enough people and bring in the money. And if you look at the current list of...