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  1. moonshotmanny

    2020 NFL: Wk.10 Game Thread

    Thought for sure Murray was getting sacked on that play. What a Hail Mary pass!
  2. moonshotmanny

    2020 ALCS: Good vs Evil

    Congrats VORP!
  3. moonshotmanny

    The End Of The Line, 2020

    Water after me and husband drove home to Texas for 7 hours after returning rental and picking up hubby's truck which had broken down 2 weeks ago in Kansas coming home from vacation in Minnesota. Oh, and the boat also that got stranded there. Hope In 2021 Sox beat everyone!
  4. moonshotmanny

    2020 NFL: Wk.2 Game Thread

    Atlanta really knows how to blow leads. Wow!
  5. moonshotmanny

    9/11: Let’s play two

    It says the tweet has been deleted so don’t know what it said.
  6. moonshotmanny

    8/30 As long as they don't trade anyone else, they'll win!

    On a boat reading the game thread Water!
  7. moonshotmanny

    8/19 It is what it is.

    Wheee, we actually have Water!
  8. moonshotmanny

    How much have you watched so far?

    I watched all of the game on opening day, but since I don't like to see the Sox lose ever, I have only tuned in when the game was relatively close and they looked to be having a rally. Otherwise I just wait for the notifications on my phone for the updated score.