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  1. Greg29fan

    2020-21 NC/ACC Hoops

    I didn't see one of these - if I missed it, apologies. Anyways, Carolina is scheduled to tip off tonight against College of Charleston at 6 pm...there seems to be a lot of hope that they're not going to suck and/or be the most injured team in sports history this year, led by ACC preseason POY...
  2. Greg29fan

    2020 Masters Week--College GameDay live from Augusta

    Masters champ #1 in the world Hot wife Great beard Viva DJ
  3. Greg29fan

    2020 College Hoops Thread

    Ivy League cancels all winter sports
  4. Greg29fan

    2020 Cowboys: Dak Out for Season

    Seems like the defense has sort of turned a positive corner the last couple weeks...maybe it was just the lack of a preseason and reps that made it look so awful. They could have won yesterday with a couple calls not being made (or Jaylon not being a dumbass) but losing is best for business...
  5. Greg29fan

    2020 NFL: Wk.9 Game Thread

    Didn't have time cause the LT blocked no one and he was fixing to get killed from behind.
  6. Greg29fan

    2020 NFL: Wk.9 Game Thread

    I've been rooting for Dallas to go 2-14 since Dak went out but jeez they got ref'd something terrible.
  7. Greg29fan

    College Football Week Eight Game Thread

    Nebraska wanted football back so bad just to lose by 35 on national tv again?
  8. Greg29fan

    2020 Cowboys: Dak Out for Season

    Is there any way to cut Zeke and save some cap space in the offseason?
  9. Greg29fan

    2020 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    Bellinger hit that one The Speed of Sound
  10. Greg29fan

    2020 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    Braves just need to keep it tied/close til the Dodgers inevitably go to Kershaw
  11. Greg29fan

    2020 NFL: Wk.6 Game Thread

    The Jets and 2020 in one image
  12. Greg29fan

    2020 Cowboys: Dak Out for Season

    Nolan was bad/puzzling McCarthy buddy hire at DC and boy has that chicken come home to roost. This bunch makes some of those Rob Ryan units look like Doomsday. I won't deny there are injury issues on that side of the ball but the guys who are out there don't seem to have any idea what they're...
  13. Greg29fan

    2020 NFL: Wk.2 Game Thread

    I've seen many ridiculous Cowboys wins, and I wasn't even alive for the Staubach era, but that one will be hard to top.
  14. Greg29fan

    2020 NFL: Wk.2 Game Thread

    This is playing out how he wanted, I think. Didn't pay Dak, hired a terrible coach, didn't address their fossilizing OL, and now they can be awful and draft Lawrence or Fields.
  15. Greg29fan

    2020 NCAA Football

    Of course. At least they made them public, unlike the OU's of the world, and didn't travel. Just pointing out the continued lunacy of this exercise.
  16. Greg29fan

    2020 NCAA Football

  17. Greg29fan

    College Football 2020 Week Two Game Thread

    Your opinion may vary, and that's fine, but I absolutely refuse to watch college football. Given the current state of the pandemic and spread of COVID-19 on college campuses, the fact that unpaid "student" athletes are competing for Joe Public's entertainment as part of this administration's...
  18. Greg29fan

    Game 3: Celtics vs. Raptors: The World According to Smart

    Tatum was on Van Vleet who ran out to half court as a decoy
  19. Greg29fan

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    He'll have signed with the Cowboys before mid-week
  20. Greg29fan

    They play hockey out west too - Quarterfinal version

    Dallas had absolutely nothing going and was getting killed til Lucic committed a completely boneheaded penalty. It's been all Stars since.