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  1. 67YAZ

    Liverpool 2020-2021: Jurgen's Heroes

    It's been a helluva ride. It's great that the EPL was able to finish out the season without a virus outbreak & the Reds got to take the title without controversy. And bonus points for avoiding long-term injuries, though Player of the Season Jordan Henderson's knee will be one to watch. Next...
  2. 67YAZ

    Match Thread 11/30-1/2 - Newcastle same as the Old Castle?

    Goddamn De Bruyne. Utterly gorgeous.
  3. 67YAZ

    Matches 10/18-21: Like building a banana skin

    In his presser today, Klopp has this to say. I have no idea what it means but am so glad to have him back on the sidelines this week.
  4. 67YAZ

    Liverpool 2019-2020: Let's Talk About Six, Baby

    Whatever disappointment there was following a record breaking 2nd place in the EPL has been washed away by winning the Champions League. The overwhelmed looks of joy and release on the players and coaches alike said it all. What Klopp has done is nothing short of amazing given the...
  5. 67YAZ

    Match Thread May 18-19: To the bitter end

    Lots of interesting, meaningful matches across Europe this weekend. Levante is already up 2-0 on Atletico to kick off the day. I don’t grasp all the possible permutations for La Liga’s European qualification slots, but I do get that Sevilla vs Bilbao should be an intense match since both teams...
  6. 67YAZ

    Arde Madrid: The Champions League Final

    Liverpool-Tottenham, June 1 in Madrid. Liverpool have beaten Spurs twice this season, both 2-1 affairs. The second match was intense and evenly played, only decided by Lloris' mistake in the 90th minute. Both teams should get back to close to full strength for the final, though Keita is...
  7. 67YAZ

    Match Thread, 4/26-28: 35 Down, 3 to Go

    Liverpool-Huddersfield soon to kick off the EPL's weekend. Biggest news is that Sturridge is in for Firmino & Ox makes the 18 for the first time this year. Liverpool (4-3-3) Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, van Dijk Robertson; Henderson, Wijnaldum, Keita; Salah, Sturridge, Mane. Substitutes...
  8. 67YAZ

    Match Thread April 13-16: I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more

    Spurs really rocking Huddersfield here. 2-0 flatters the Terriers, really. But a Wanyama goal is kind of fun.
  9. 67YAZ

    Match Thread 3/30-4/1: The Tragical Comedy of Poch & Jurgen

    Man City up a goal already after Fulham gift them one. Gonna be a long morning at Craven Cottage.
  10. 67YAZ

    Game Thread Feb 2-4: When God closes a window...

    Just flipped on Spurs-Newcastle to see Yedlin deliver a fantastic cross that Rondon donked off the post. Sloppy and disorganized match right now, which suits Rafa I suppose.
  11. 67YAZ

    11/3-11/6 Game Thread: Mourning in Leicester

    Interesting matches across the leagues this weekend, but the most watched will likely be Leicester traveling to Cardiff. The Foxes organization decided to play this match and not reschedule, but Puel has held out that any player not feeling ready to play can sit out. A contingent of staff and...
  12. 67YAZ

    Game week 3 Thread: Hungry like Wolves

    To kick this off - City at Wolves just finished an excellent first half. Wolves had a goal correctly disallowed, and City hit the woodwork twice - the second in a remarkable shot by Sterling prompting an even more remarkable save by Rui that tip the ball on to the crossbar. Second half should...
  13. 67YAZ

    Champions League Final - Heavy Metal & Los Merengues

    May 26! I’m already a ball of nerves. Cannot wait. The big question here is, how will Madrid line up? I’ve been looking at Zidane’s 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 set ups, and both seem to have real gaps that Liverpool can exploit especially if Carvajal is still out. That said, as awesome as TAA has been...
  14. 67YAZ

    Liverpool 2017-18: Salah Days are Here

    Well, Klopp delivered a top-4 finish and a return to the Champions League in season two. It may have been a little nervy towards the end, but that's all in the past. Now there's money to spend! The squad's biggest shortcoming last season was depth, especially among the attackers where any...