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  1. NAR29996

    Game 2 - Bruins vs. Canes

    It's the NHL.
  2. NAR29996

    RIP Eddie Kasko

    The Red Sox had their chance. They went to Tiger Stadium for the last 3 games of the season needing to win two games for the division title. They promptly lost the first two.
  3. NAR29996

    Post Your Favorite Johnny Most Lines Here

    Button, button, who's got the button?
  4. NAR29996

    Strat-O-Matic season simulation- We win the opener!

    It's going to suck losing Workman for three weeks.
  5. NAR29996

    Remembering May 10, 1970

    My family was at my grandmother's celebrating Mother's day. Her brother, and brothers-in-law were big hockey fans and insisted we watch the game. First game I ever remember watching. We didn't get much in the way of sports in Maine growing up.
  6. NAR29996

    Ride the Lightning Remastered

    Ground the Lightning.
  7. NAR29996

    Extinct the Panthers (the team, not the animal)

    I'm too old for that. I'll find a stream somewhere. One of the sites I use should work.
  8. NAR29996

    Extinct the Panthers (the team, not the animal)

    And I bet that I'll be blacked out tonight.
  9. NAR29996

    Death to the Stars

    I need a link too.
  10. NAR29996

    Bruins v Flames

    Power play looks good.
  11. NAR29996

    Bruins v Flames

    Didn't he help Lewiston ME win the Memorial Cup when they had a team in the Q? It was the President's Cup.
  12. NAR29996

    Bruins at Flames

    Douse the Flames.
  13. NAR29996

    2/9- B’s @ Red Wings

    Make them pay.
  14. NAR29996

    Bruins @ Penguins

  15. NAR29996

    Bruins @ Penguins

  16. NAR29996

    Bruins @ Penguins

  17. NAR29996

    Blue Jackets @ Bruins

    Too bad our guys suck at it.
  18. NAR29996

    Blue Jackets @ Bruins

    WTF, another give away down low.
  19. NAR29996

    Blue Jackets @ Bruins