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  1. kartvelo

    Zoom problems

    Widespread outage on the first day back at school for millions.
  2. kartvelo

    What's up with my PHP installation?

    I'm trying to get Composer to install, and I keep getting an error message: PHP: syntax error, unexpected "!" in C:\php\php.exe on line 1 So I thought there was a problem with Composer or its installer..... but then I opened a Command Prompt and entered php -v ...and it returned this: PHP...
  3. kartvelo

    Consolidating and organizing images

    If we're stuck mostly at home for another month or two, this would be a great time to tackle a project I was hoping to do in retirement. Retirement is off the table for me, but here's the project: I have a bazillion photos from digital cameras and scanned images of old photo prints, scattered...
  4. kartvelo

    Streaming Religious Services

    Our church is planning to live-stream one (unattended) service per week to maintain a sense of community. The guy in charge of technology for the parish doesn't know how to accomplish this, but he has an iPad and bought himself a nice iPad tripod with this very purpose in mind, assuming the...
  5. kartvelo

    Word 2016 page numbering oddity in display mode

    Hey there, I have a 280-page doc with multiple sections. The largest section (main body) has a TOC at the beginning. Clicking on an entry in the TOC takes me to the right page (content-wise), but somewhere between page 67 and page 75 the page numbers on the pages become different than the pages...
  6. kartvelo

    VGA laptop, PowerPoint with mp4, HDMI projector

    Hi there. We have a laptop with a PPT presentation on it. The laptop has only a VGA output and the projector has only an HDMI input. One of the PPT slides has an mp4 on it. First, I've been told that even if we found a projector with a VGA input, that wouldn't help because the mp4 audio...
  7. kartvelo


    There has been some, not much, discussion in the media regarding Kaspersky and its Russian origins. Now there's a story about an NSA contractor being hacked because he brought conf. info home to his Kaspersky-"protected" home computer. What is the takeaway for consumers regarding Kaspersky?
  8. kartvelo

    Windows 10 update - can't print from Word doc

    A big Windows 10 update ran on Wednesday: 2017-06 Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4022405). Afterwards, I discovered that several Word documents were missing fonts, which I re-installed. The biggest problem is that nothing I try to print from a particular Word doc...
  9. kartvelo

    MBTA Android app?

    I am an infrequent traveler on the T, as I am an infrequent visitor to the city. When I do travel into town, I sometimes take the commuter rail and sometimes the Red Line. What is/ is there / a "best" Android app to help me navigate my way into and around Boston? Rail schedules, maps, nearest T...
  10. kartvelo

    Email aliasing

    Hi all, I'd like to be able to set up several email addresses like this: emails to,, and all go to, so I only have to check in the one place ( for the emails to all those addresses. However, when I reply from to the emails that have...
  11. kartvelo

    Windows 10 Install Fail - Recovering

    My daughter decided she wanted to upgrade her laptop from Win8.1 to Win10 after all, at the last minute. While it was installing, she got the blue screen of death, and now it won't even boot. It's the only 32-bit machine in the house, and everything else is Win10. MS won't let me download a...
  12. kartvelo

    opening .cdt files

    I'm going through piles of old software from my folks' house, and they have both PrintMaster and PrintShop. I don't care about the programs, but there are also several CDs of art and photos. I'd like to see what all that stuff is, but it's not worth buying software I don't want to satisfy my...
  13. kartvelo

    Landline number to... other

    We have a landline and a cell. I'd like to get rid of the landline, but for a number of reasons I'd like to ensure that I get to keep the number pretty much forever, whether it's attached to a landline, cell, Google Voice, whatever... and if in a couple of years I should change my mind again on...
  14. kartvelo

    (PAL) Region 2 U.K. DVDs

    We have been sent a set of (PAL) Region 2 U.K. DVDs. I know they won't run on my US DVD player, but if I open the package when it gets here, will they play on my computer?
  15. kartvelo

    Nexus 7.2 hangs at Google screen

    I've been using the thing all morning. I put it down for a few minutes and picked it back up again, and it's stuck at the Google screen. I've researched this, and it looks like the only way around this is to restore factory settings, losing all data, which is an undesirable solution.   Any...
  16. kartvelo

    Opening .cdt files

    In clearing out old storage, I came across several CDs with .cdt files on them - supposedly thousands of  CorelDraw images. I downloaded CorelDraw x7, but get "I/O Read Error" when I try to open the files. The same happens for all cdt files I've been able to locate online to use as tests, also...
  17. kartvelo

    Android Chrome PDF Plugin?

    Hi there, I'm visiting a website that displays PDFs two ways: some within iframes, and some within object/embed tags. Both versions render just fine on my desktop, but I can't see them on an Android tablet. In the iframe version doesn't appear at all, and the object/embed version shows "this...
  18. kartvelo

    Shared hosting

    Any recommendations for a company to go with for shared hosting? I've been using one company for almost 15 years now, and their service (which at one time was excellent) has gone right off a cliff in recent years. Twice in the past year I've had multiple sites go down for days at a time. Earlier...