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  1. DominicJD

    Cool / Unique 2018 WS Merch

    Take my money please!!!! Aside from the officially licensed items at the MLB shop, anyone find anything unique or interesting? One oddity -- I thought the blue jerseys worn in Game 5 looked cool and wanted to get one with World Series patch. But they don't appear to be for sale at MLB. You can...
  2. DominicJD


    Did anyone watch the NESN VR broadcasts of the Red Sox games this week? What gear did you use? What did you think of it? They made it sound like it was better than most VR experiences (less dizzyness, etc.). Curious if anyone tried it.
  3. DominicJD

    Opening night plans

    Would love to hear what everyone's plans are for opening night. I decided to splurge this year and will be flying in to attend the game with the missus. Was able to score a room onsite, and am curious about the best pre-game activities, tailgates, etc. Have heard mixed reviews of Smerlas'...