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  1. LahoudOrBillyC

    OK other then 2004 what was the sweetest pennant?

    1975 for me. Beat the three-time defending champ in the LCS. It was a young fun team like this one.
  2. LahoudOrBillyC

    JD Martinez Triple Crown Chase.

    Yaz did this in 1967.
  3. LahoudOrBillyC

    Who's on Third? I don't know

    In the past week, Sandoval has been removed from the game late for (a) pinch-runner, (b) pinch-hitter, and (c) defensive replacement: There are literally no baseball acts he can perform adequately.
  4. LahoudOrBillyC

    Too Much Pitching? The 2017 40-man Crunch

    I really think the days of dicking with Eduardo Rodriguez are over, right? Seems like he gets a rotation spot.
  5. LahoudOrBillyC

    Magic Number

    I would start Price Sunday, and give him 90 pitches or so. That would set him up for Game 2 on Friday. I don't see the benefit in giving him 9 days off at this point -- keep him on schedule.
  6. LahoudOrBillyC

    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    I expect the Yankees to do it with class this week. The fans have generally been great to Ortiz there.
  7. LahoudOrBillyC

    Who is in your playoff rotation?

    Price has actively campaigned for Porcello to win the Cy Young (on Twitter). I don't think his ego will be an issue.
  8. LahoudOrBillyC

    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    The first I remember was John Havlicek, who had a brief ceremony in every city his last year. The only way this happens is if you announce your retirement before the season starts like Ortiz and Jeter. Willie Mays announced his retirement in September. Larry Bird waited until after the...
  9. LahoudOrBillyC

    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    Is there a good reason why David Ortiz will NOT be named as Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year in early December? I mean, I assume this is settled.
  10. LahoudOrBillyC

    Hanley and the $4M Game

    Hanley had some monster playoff pushes in LA. His lifetime September OPS is .927 and rising. In 2013 Ramirez was the best player in the National League ... except he missed 75 games with injuries. He put up 5.4 and got MVP votes. I was a little annoyed at Farrell for leaving him in the...
  11. LahoudOrBillyC

    Pedroia is pretty good

    I am fairly confident that Pedroia will make the Hall of Fame given a reasonable aging curve. He's also the Red Sox best position player since Boggs.
  12. LahoudOrBillyC

    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    nvalvo's explanation, which I agree with, is also a useful thing to know when considering how to build your team. According to most analysts, a "win" costs about $8M on the free agent market. To win 97 games (a "safe" total to make the playoffs) means you need 50 WAR, which would cost about...
  13. LahoudOrBillyC

    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    Dombrowski has improved the team tremendously in the past week, adding Ziegler, Hill, and Pomeranz without losing anyone who was going to help the 2016 team. No other team in baseball has not as much. Whatever you felt about the team a week ago you should feel much better right now. Their...
  14. LahoudOrBillyC

    Castillo placed on outright waivers

    The job of the GM is to nurture/improve the talent in an organization. I am not sure I would credit/blame a GM for a draft -- the credit for Betts goes to the organization that turned him from what he was in 2011 to what he was in 2014. The draft of Betts could be credited to the scouting...
  15. LahoudOrBillyC

    Castillo placed on outright waivers

    I hope when Dombrowski wins Executive of the Year award that historians are wise enough to point out the historic cache of pre-prime All-Stars he inherited.
  16. LahoudOrBillyC

    Holt to concussion DL and Smith to DL. Swihart and Noe Ramirez recalled.

    I don't think this is entirely fair. Going in to the year, the most important bench players were supposed to be Holt and Shaw, two left handed hitters. I don't think Holt replacing Castillo was a complete shock, but it was the injury to Sandoval that took a pretty good and flexible bat (Shaw)...
  17. LahoudOrBillyC

    Holt to concussion DL and Smith to DL. Swihart and Noe Ramirez recalled.

    Swihart has a 89 career OPS+, while Holt is 91 since start of 2015 (when he was an All-Star). So comparable, but Swihart has been much better since mid-season last year and is several years younger. So I think its an upgrade. But its mainly an upgrade because Holt improves the bench, and is...
  18. LahoudOrBillyC

    Holt to concussion DL and Smith to DL. Swihart and Noe Ramirez recalled.

    With all healthy I think a Swihart/Young platoon with Holt in a supersub role is a big upgrade for the team. Holt is mismatched as a starting LF.
  19. LahoudOrBillyC

    Boston and Bust!

    How did Eric Gagne feel about his treatment in Boston?
  20. LahoudOrBillyC

    I wish to know more about Tom Yawkey

    I guess I will tackle these two points as well. Yes, they passed on Mays. But you could also write Team X passed on Hall of Famer Y for dozens of combinations of X and Y. It sucks. One thing I wrote about this years ago. The people most blamed for this issue are the people who are dead...