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  1. Burkharts Uppercut

    2020 NBA Draft Game Thread

    That would make a lot of sense and makes the trade palatable. Perhaps the Grizzlies agreed to take on 5 million of salary of the Cs choosing. If Kanter opts in, he's sent to the Grizzlies and then waive/stretch Poirer. If Kanter opts out, we send Poirer and maybe Carsen.
  2. Burkharts Uppercut

    2020 NBA Draft discussion

  3. Burkharts Uppercut

    2020 NBA Draft discussion

    Nesmith would be an exciting add if he happened to slip to 14. That said, I think it's a risky pick considering the small sample size, strength of schedule, and home laden schedule he played. He only played 14 games, 12 of those games were home games against mostly a very weak non-conference...
  4. Burkharts Uppercut

    Gordon Hayward 2020: I'm standing here in pieces and you're having delusions of grandeur!

    You're right, for some reason I thought the Mike Conley had come back faster but using him as a guide he was gone from the bubble for 2 days and quarantined for 4 more days. With the ECF starting on 9/15, maybe by having him return to the bubble, they're hoping he can sneak in game 1.
  5. Burkharts Uppercut

    Gordon Hayward 2020: I'm standing here in pieces and you're having delusions of grandeur!

    I was wondering how they were going to deal with the extended absence quarantine period. Makes sense with the bubble rules to have him come back and do his 4 day quarantine period now, leave the bubble again for the birth of his child, and be eligible to play right away on return, hopefully in...
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    Game 3: Celtics vs. Sixers: Kemba Time!

    I hate the decision to let Tatum sit the whole quarter.
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    8/4 Celtics vs. Heat

    They can't end up tied. Miami is 1.5 back and both teams have 5 games left. The closest they'll come to a tie is with one team .5 game up. There are also other tiebreaker scenario in play in the NBA where there could be "standing ties" with one team playing more games, but with that...
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    Isaiah Thomas: Ball-Carrying Jerkface?

    Shaq used to do the same thing where he would step over the line and never got called. You can probably call a lane violation on just about every free throw attempt where someone is either standing on 3 point line or goes into the key early. Just one of those rules that isnt enforced at the...
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    Your preferred Celtic target at #3

    Another datapoint on the stats side, in Pelton's WARP model he ranks Jaylen Brown as the 101st best prospect. Granted it has Zhou Qi and Bender as 1 and 2, but I agree with all the points you made and am hoping Brown isn't the pick.
  10. Burkharts Uppercut

    Celtics acquire David Lee for Gerald Wallace

    I believe another possible benefit is with the additional salary from Lee, if Ainge can work out a sign and trade for Amir Johnson with the Rondo TPE, that would get them over them cap, giving us access to the MLE and other rights/non-expired exceptions would not need to be renounced.
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    Celtics Interested In Evan Turner?

    Evan Turners the other cheek
  12. Burkharts Uppercut

    2014 NBA Draft Thread (No Spoilers You Clowns)

    If we take Capella we'll be getting #1 and #2 in analytics based on Kevin Pelton's warp rankings.
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    Away game at Oakland

    I've been going to games in Oakland for a long time always with a Sox cap and the worst I've come across is a few "Sox Suck" comments as you walk by someone, and that was just a couple times.  There are unsavory characters there, but the atmosphere shouldn't be anything like a Raiders game.  I...
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    NBA Playoffs Round Two Game Thread

    Damn it Joe Johnson, if Pierce is calling for the ball with Ray Allen guarding him, give it to him.
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    Building the next winning team/We can't stay on topic thread

    It doesn't work like that.  There's no way for the Cavs to get under the cap until the start of the new season on July 1 which is when they will start renouncing free agent rights to free up cap space.  
  16. Burkharts Uppercut

    Building the next winning team/We can't stay on topic thread

    One barrier to a trade scenario like that happening is that it has to be done as a good faith deal because the Cavs won't officially have cap space until July 1st.  So they would have to draft on our behalf, wait a week and trade the draft rights of the two picks for Pierce possibly without...