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  1. Seabass177

    Stand Up If You Love the Darts

    Given the sheer volume of degenerates on SoSH, we must have some darts fans. The greatest sporting event I've seen live was Game 1 of the 2013 WS. The second was the PDC tour in Manchester last year. The World Cup is on now, broadcast live on the PDC FB page:
  2. Seabass177

    Auction Item: Lot of Red Sox Yearbooks, WS Programs, Manual & 1975 East Pennant

    So my buddy's grandmother was friendly with Neil Mahoney quite some time ago. His grandmother gave this stuff to my buddy, and he gave them to me when he moved. I'm moving, they've been in a bag under my bed for a couple years and this seems like the ideal way to get them from a box to a wall...
  3. Seabass177

    July 2: International Signing Day

    BA is the best source for all July 2 signings: So far the Sox have signed two of the ten best baseball playing children in the world, Daniels Flores and Diaz...
  4. Seabass177

    Woj: Porzingis May Be Available

    WojBomb: 35 seconds ago Sources: As teams become aware Phil Jackson isn't ruling out possibility of trading Kristaps Porzingis, frenzy of interest is growing today.