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  1. Scarlet Fire

    RIP Mike Ryan

    Quite a defensive catcher...He grew up not far from where I lived in Haverhill. He was the reason we had the radio broadcasts of the '67 World Series games piped through my grade schools PA on game days.
  2. Scarlet Fire

    2020-21 College Hockey thread

    Mcinnis with another of his patented unnecessary penalties killed that late power play. Cotton scores with under a minute to tie it, so you figure they have some momentum going into OT, but then the defense kinda stood around and watched for a good part of the OT until BU scored. I...
  3. Scarlet Fire

    2020 Boston College Football.Give it Haf a Chance

    Interesting to see Hafley speak between periods of the BC-BU hockey game last Saturday. Seems genuinely concerned with starting to get a new culture going at the school. Seems quite different from his predecessors in that regard.
  4. Scarlet Fire

    2019 Boston College Football

    Yeah..they sure did....I'm hesitant to drink the Kool-aid but I agree with Dave Stapleton, this did feel different. there may be hope ...
  5. Scarlet Fire


    Sorry for your loss Cathy....I never met the man, but as others have said, his posts were legendary and always a 'must-read'.
  6. Scarlet Fire

    2019 Boston College Football

    I would feel better about this if it lead to finally shit-canning Daz....but as Bernie mentioned, ain't gonna happen... can't wait for the presser after this one...
  7. Scarlet Fire

    2019 Boston College Football

    I'm just following the score it as bad as it seems?
  8. Scarlet Fire

    Chelsea Favreau (daughter of SoSHers) Scholarship Fund

    Thanks for organizing, OJ
  9. Scarlet Fire

    College Hockey 2015-2016

    Notre Dame leaving Hockey East for the Big10. Can't say that I'm sad to see them go. It will be interesting to see who joins Hockey East. Quinnipiac? RPI? Holy Cross?
  10. Scarlet Fire

    College Hockey Thread

    I think the freshman class is gradually becoming more comfortable as the season progresses. Just an awesome recruiting class this year . Reloaded the highly skilled and speedy forwards and shutdown defensemen that they lacked last year. 
  11. Scarlet Fire

    College Hockey Thread

    Thanks, Sachmoney.....I'm sure it was not easy for you to post that...Probably the most impressive goal I have ever witnessed live.
  12. Scarlet Fire

    College Hockey Thread

    I didn't see the game, but Benedetto seems to feel that he must play a large role in any game he works. Hockey East refs, on the whole, are subpar when compared to hockey officials from the other conferences.
  13. Scarlet Fire

    College Hockey Thread

    There's a decent amount of talent there, but they have been getting outworked lately. Strange for a York-coached team. Also, there doesn't seem to by anyone willing to get to the front of the net and get the dirty goals. Lot's of good looks for the opposing goaltenders. Seems to me that a lot of...