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  1. ArttyG12

    The Red Sox and Developing Pitching

    Do they get any credit for Logan Allen?
  2. ArttyG12

    Jerry Remy: Players should 'learn baseball language'

    He thought it was the trainer at first. I thought at the time his reaction was basically a quick "that shouldn't be allowed" to cover his error, only then he dug himself deeper trying to justify it. I'd guess he is completely fine with translators and just stupidly tried to cover himself and...
  3. ArttyG12

    Week 2 Game Thread

    Log out and back in
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    All things X related

    The Herald had this article with at the end of June where Xander is openly talking to the press about being exhausted and needing a day - he still didn't get one until a couple days later, and the team almost certainly heard about it before the press did. Since then, he's hitting...
  5. ArttyG12

    Keith Law's Updated Top 50 (you will like it)

    "He's a difference-maker on defense" at shortstop vs "I don't think he's a lock to stay at second long-term."
  6. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Select LHP Jason Groome 12th Overall

    Edit: already posted
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    Red Sox Select LHP Jason Groome 12th Overall

    They're probably not giving specifics what causes the maturity concerns because he's a kid in high school, but pretending guys like Law and Callis are just making it up is crazy. A guy who is generally considered one of the top two picks falls to twelve, and every reporter says there's a...
  8. ArttyG12

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Hey I've also been re-lurkerified. Any chance of a reactivation? Thanks.
  9. ArttyG12

    NL WC game

      You think he intentionally threw at them? Wasn't one a curveball?
  10. ArttyG12

    Wild Trade Speculation

    Would Starlin be a downgrade from Pablo at 3rd? I'm assuming he'd be an improvement on D, he's a fair amount cheaper, and he's only 25.
  11. ArttyG12

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      I don't think they won't do everything to win, but I'll be disappointed if, leading up to the game, the answer by everyone on the team to literally every question isn't some variation of "We're focused on Seattle."
  12. ArttyG12

    Drew is walking through that door

      My (obviously) non-professional opinion would be that irregular or non-game reps won't help him improve enough as a fielder.  Its certainly valid to say that the improvement to the team this year is a worthwhile improvement versus next year's possible repetition of this year's defensive...
  13. ArttyG12

    Drew is walking through that door

    My only concern is that Xander losing regular reps at SS for the rest of the year means we're back to a subpar defensive shortstop to begin next year while he restarts becoming the shortstop they think he'll be.
  14. ArttyG12

    ESPN/Keith Law Farm System Ranking - Red Sox 5th   Could you explain how he's "continuing to write him off after maintaining success" while simultaneously publishing that?   Or how he could continue to write off Sale despite having him 3rd for...
  15. ArttyG12

    ESPN/Keith Law Farm System Ranking - Red Sox 5th

    That's much more likely than he talked to other scouts who had differing opinions.
  16. ArttyG12

    ESPN/Keith Law Farm System Ranking - Red Sox 5th

      I guess I disagree.  A 109 OPS+, in this hitting environment, is about what Brett Gardner did this year, and he hit .273/.344/.416. Or Stephen Drew at .253/.333/.443.  I think either of those at 3rd base with mediocre defense...I'd take it, but I'd be a bit disappointed. Combine that with the...
  17. ArttyG12

    ESPN/Keith Law Farm System Ranking - Red Sox 5th

      Is a 109 OPS+ that good?  Reasonably, a Bill Mueller-type career just means decent Avg and with a solid OPB and light power, right?  It certainly seems to me like Cechini would have to fall off a cliff to not end up doing that in the majors.   Do you really think "Bill Mueller-type career" has...
  18. ArttyG12

    ESPN/Keith Law Farm System Ranking - Red Sox 5th

      But what's your point?  He's saying the most likely bad outcome for Cecchini is a Mueller, a player who was a bit above average most years, with a couple good years mixed in.     Its possible he thinks Cecchini already has a better hit tool or significantly better eye than Burroughs did, in...
  19. ArttyG12

    ESPN/Keith Law Farm System Ranking - Red Sox 5th

    Law defined "ceiling" in his chat:     I'd think downside would be about the same - a realistic pessimist's take.  Cecchini seems to be a good prospect largely because of his low downside - he's unlikely to be a superstar, but he's very likely to be a big league regular. He (and other writers)...
  20. ArttyG12

    The Beltran Option

      I guess it depends on their projections.  The cost increase doesn't seem so out of whack if they expect Nava to regress significantly, which isn't super unlikely.  Beltran may not be as good as what we got last year, but his floor is also probably higher.