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  1. Pablo's TB Lover

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Was Doug unconscious the past 10 years or so? "Hypotheticals in order to be outraged" was the original show name before settling on Felger & Mazz. The pandemic has been my clean break from Boston sports radio (during my 45-50 minute commute did half podcasts/half radio) and I don't regret it...
  2. Pablo's TB Lover

    Tiger Woods in Surgery after Car Accident

    Yeah, there's a wide gulf between making cuts and being competitive and winning tournaments going forward. Even before factoring in the injury comeback, just think about how long it took it took for Tiger to be consistent after the last substantial layoff. This time, he may casually swing a...
  3. Pablo's TB Lover

    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    I saw this headline on a sidebar and was like 'holy shit, I forgot that somehow LaRussa didn't lose his job this offseason!' Is this vote of confidence from Anderson similar to the Bobby V optimism at the beginning of S.T. which quickly turned into a "that's not how we do things here" from...
  4. Pablo's TB Lover

    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    Facts, olaying the dunk is looked at as the more respectable play for some reason. Watanabe is a former A10 defensive player of the year, so he had just enough self esteem to try and challenge.
  5. Pablo's TB Lover

    The Ringer

    I definitely agree, knowing how great Hader can be. He seems like the kind of guy who is super lively in the room, but goes into robot mode with a tone like I have when I'm stuck on the phone and just want to end the damn call. Additionally Hader has been writing for the better part of the...
  6. Pablo's TB Lover

    New England Patriots Hall of Fame

    And he'll supply the beers for the weekend from his brewery. I think instituting dual inductees in addition to the "senior" selection is the way to go at least for the near future. Even a tricameral situation where you take one inductee from the 4-14 years retired list (for now this becomes...
  7. Pablo's TB Lover

    2021 NFL: QB Carousel

    You're not going to pay a lot for... With the returning players from the Covid sit-out list and the cap space available to improve depth significantly, even running it back with Cam or bringing in a Fitz could get them to 9 or 10 wins. A "long" season compared to 2001-2019, but a good season...
  8. Pablo's TB Lover

    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Standing ovation for the Tyreek taunt. Fuck that guy.
  9. Pablo's TB Lover

    2021 Hall of Fame

    Thanks, and c/o Sportscenter Jim Brown also was inducted to the HOF at 35 (he may have been elected at 34 yo if they did so around SB time, as his DOB is Feb 17th).
  10. Pablo's TB Lover

    2021 Hall of Fame

    Well, 2 from the "way below" category get in. At least all 3 of the most qualified players will get in. But that's some bullshit if you are putting 5 players in the HOF and Seymour does not get in. Is Calvin Johnson at 35 yo the youngest to ever get into the HOF?
  11. Pablo's TB Lover

    Feb 05th @ Clippers

    Absolutely no foul there.
  12. Pablo's TB Lover

    Feb 05th @ Clippers

    Is Kemba on Kawhi bad?
  13. Pablo's TB Lover

    Feb 05th @ Clippers

    Is Carsen on Kawhi down low bad?
  14. Pablo's TB Lover

    Feb 05th @ Clippers

    I agree, he lined up for a 17 footer earlier with some confidence and barely rimmed it out. If TL is more disciplined on D, he could feasibly develop into a poor man's Horace Grant the next several years. But that's a lot of ifs...
  15. Pablo's TB Lover

    Feb 05th @ Clippers

    Like, wtf Kemba.
  16. Pablo's TB Lover

    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    Honestly I think with the switching defensive schemes no players likely spend 15 minutes within 6 feet of any particular player, and really paying attention to spacing during a few minutes of this Celtics game seems to confirm that. But yes, I agree with your overall point about the whole...
  17. Pablo's TB Lover

    Feb 05th @ Clippers

    On that pace, at least.
  18. Pablo's TB Lover

    Feb 05th @ Clippers

    TT is an awful player, not because of his skill set, but because he THINKS he's a good player. Would be useful in a specific role but a guy who does too much ball handling and driving while out there.