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  1. nattysez

    2021-2028 NFL: Stafford “Anywhere but New England”

    This is interesting - not sure what to make of it. Edit - I completely forgot Patricia was back in NE. That's the easy explanation. View:
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    Pats' 2021 opponents

    Home: Browns, Buccaneers, Saints, Jaguars, Titans, Bills, Dolphins, Jets Away: Chargers, Falcons, Panthers, Colts, Texans, Bills, Dolphins, Jets I assume they'll put the Bucs game later in the season to be sure fans can be in attendance. Not the easiest schedule. I suspect the 2020 Pats...
  3. nattysez

    Jack Easterby Longread

    The corpse of SI is heavily promoting a long article about Easterby that kicks off with a comparison of him to Littlefinger from Game of Thrones. I find him a fascinating character, so I look forward to giving it a full read -- especially since Jenny Vrentas is one of the co-authors, and she's...
  4. nattysez

    Develin Retires

    James Develin is retiring due to his injury. He announced it on Instagram: View: View: As PFT Commentator said, it'll be a big neck roll for the next man up to fill.
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    Sox owners want to be under cap in '20

    Sox ownership just met with the press and said that they intend to be under the $208m cap next year. View: View: According to Spotrac, they have $151m in salaries (if you...
  6. nattysez

    Pats File Tampering Charges Against Texans

    This is interesting. My understanding from the CLNS Pats Podcast is that the only way the Texans could make an offer to Caserio for a position without the Pats' permission would be to offer him, without otherwise interviewing or...
  7. nattysez

    SF Giants -- a modern-day catastrophe

    The SF Giants are rapidly turning into the full-team equivalent of the Chris Davis contract -- a cautionary tale about long-term contracts and poor planning. Some fun facts: They are one of the 5 worst teams in baseball, but have the 5th-highest payroll. Last year they were a bottom-10 team...
  8. nattysez

    Khris Davis extends with A's

    Davis is 31, gets extended for two more years at $16.75 per. This in theory improves JDM's market if he elects to opt-out -- one less DH masher on the board. Interesting opinion from local media:
  9. nattysez

    Swihart traded to Dbacks

    I'm baffled by this. Why give him such a short leash? What are they going to do at catcher now? What about his performance merited completely cutting bait on him? Seems like, if nothing else, he could at least be a helpful multi-position backup. The Sox (across multiple administrations)...
  10. nattysez

    Damn you, Speier

    Well, crap. --- everything below here was written based on a since-deleted tweet by Alex Speier that said that the Sale deal started at $30mm this year and would push the Sox above the cap, hence the revised thread title -- It's now been reported that the Sox are going to blow through the...
  11. nattysez

    DD won't renegotiate JDM's deal this winter

    Asked today if the Sox would consider renegotiating/extending JDM's deal this off-season, DD said no. It's fortunate the Sox have another guaranteed year of JDM. I'll be curious to see what happens after 2019 if he maintains his productivity and health. It's not like he had a lot of suitors...
  12. nattysez

    SBLII: The Brady Watch

    Brady just skipped his scheduled press conference because "he was meeting with medical personnel."
  13. nattysez

    "Tom vs. Time" - new Brady documentary

    Deepak Chopra's son is doing a deep-dive documentary about Brady. ***
  14. nattysez

    Bedard, McAdam, Price launching new site

    Full announcement. I generally like Bedard and McAdam, so I'll probably subscribe initially and see how it goes.
  15. nattysez

    "Swihart does not have the yips"

    File this under "he doth protest too much." Is this a known issue? Has it been reported anywhere before? I'm confused (and likely overreacting) to the fact that Farrell went out of his way to say that Swihart's issue is NOT the yips when I hadn't previously heard anything about this or any...
  16. nattysez

    Who starts at QB @ Cleveland?

    Just curious to see what the early speculation is. The idea of beating Rex with Edelman at QB is almost too delicious to imagine, but he's too small to get clobbered all game. I am worried about wearing out Blount with a heavy early-season workload, but that seems unavoidable for one more week...
  17. nattysez

    Red Sox Get Brad Ziegler from Arizona

    ...for Jose Almonte (20 year old high-A pitcher) and Luis Alejandro Basabe (high-A 2b). I've liked Ziegler since he was in the minors and used to correspond with the Athletics Nation blog. He's a FA at the end of the year. He's a submariner. He's had a bit of a down year, but is still pretty...
  18. nattysez

    Amalie Benjamin moving to

    Amalie Benjamin is heading to I never heard the full story of why the Sox beat writer to features writer to NHL beat writer transition happened, but I guess she likes the NHL enough to stick with it. I have no strong feelings about her writing; she seems competent and is a solid...
  19. nattysez

    Chandler Jones traded for G Jonathan Cooper & Arizona's 2016 Rd. 2 pick

    From Schefter: Edit: I was pretty surprised to see multiple Pats reporters discussing the possibility of moving Jones this morning, but I guess with the expectation that he was about to get expensive, this was the right time to strike. That AZ defense is going to be something else.
  20. nattysez

    The Dubs 2015-16: chasing history

    Things can change radically during the long season, but the GSWs are the #1 story of the early season. The current situation: The Warriors break the record for most wins to start a season at 16 with a win against the Lakers on Tuesday. This would also put them almost halfway to the NBA record...