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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    That's 3 of us. After listening daily since the mid 90s, the orgasmic joy expressed on both stations over the Patriots' return to the middle of the pack caused me in mid autumn to just stop. Don't miss it and can't envision ever going back. I do podcasts, but that's it.
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    2/21 Pelicans Streak-Starter Thread

    I think you're grasping at straws. How'd he do with 2 free throws right at the end? Missed the first and then on the second attempting an intentional miss couldn't even hit the fucking rim. Yeah, he's Bird, Havlicek and Pierce all rolled into one.
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    2/21 Pelicans Streak-Starter Thread

    There isn't one clutch player on this team. Not one.
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    2/21 Pelicans Streak-Starter Thread

    Lol all you want, but this is a bad mix.
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    2/21 Pelicans Streak-Starter Thread

    There has to be some sort of shock value move by Ainge here. This team has zero chemistry, zero leadership and ineffective coaching. Blow it up. Even if they win. Blow it up.
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    2021: The Nation's Tears Are Still Here

    He's a genuine, legitimate cretin. And, that's not hyperbole. I'm going easy on him.
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    Stop hoarding TP(E) - the what should the Celtics do with the TPE thread

    It is concerning. Sure, guys are hurt and missing games seemingly all over the place. But, that doesn't excuse the piss poor effort by virtually everyone against Detroit and Washington. Absolutely unacceptable. I get really pissed when the outside shooting goes south and when they get sloppy...
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    2/12 Pummel the Pistons

    If true, and I think you're right, then you only needed your first 3 words.
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    2/12 Pummel the Pistons

    Scal: "And it doesn't get any easier at Washington Sunday at 1:00." What???
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    2/12 Pummel the Pistons

    Just my take, but the Celtics will never win an NBA title with Tatum as their alpha dog. Brown, maybe, but not Tatum.
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    2/11 Wreck the Raptors

    The shot selection from the Cs for stretches of the 3rd quarter in many games is infuriating.
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    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    Yeah, I had that one figured out. Thanks.
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    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    It probably was, it's just me. I rarely find him amusing. Once in a great while, but rarely.
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    Big changes at CSNNE and

    News flash: not many over 40 do either.
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    Meterparel's Dog Craps on Tommy Harper's Lawn--This is News?

    Meterparel involved in an adversarial situation with a black guy? Given his love affair with KKKalahole and John Dennis I can't imagine how this ever happened!
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    1/30: Lakers at Celtics--Rivalry Renewed

    Fuckin Tatum's hero ball...