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  1. cgori

    Windows 10 updates you need to apply

    We don't have a thread to notify people of urgent patches, or at least not that I could find, so I figured I would start one. Other people who know about such things, feel free to reply in this thread. I got sent notice from 2-3 sources today that this one is very high priority to apply...
  2. cgori

    Building a new mid-level gaming PC

    So, my ~4 year old PC's power supply just died last night. (Well, it's at least that, maybe more, TBD - it's never good when you smell burning right?!?!). I'm going to try replacing the PSU as a hail mary but it's probably time for a new box, since I won't have a ton of confidence in it going...
  3. cgori

    Roon? (vs Sonos)

    Anyone have/use Roon at their house? I have 2 pieces of Sonos gear (Connect for living room and a Play:5 for the master bedroom), but Roon has been mentioned to me several times in the last few months as an alternative. All of my music is already on a NAS in MP3 and FLAC format, and I might be...
  4. cgori

    Cloudflare data leak

    I believe SoSH is using cloudflare (@AlNipper49 / @SumnerH can confirm) - assuming I am remembering that right, it's probably worth changing your SoSH password:
  5. cgori

    Video card upgrade troubleshooting

    After a couple hours of screwing around with this, I figured I should get a second opinion. I am trying to upgrade the video card in my desktop (Shuttle SZ87R6, an xpc-type device, I've had a lot of these boxes over the years so I'm pretty used to the various constraints they have). It has a...
  6. cgori

    11/28 Weekend Thread

    Leicester *is* top of table, should be interesting this afternoon. City/Saints first up.