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    Might as well start talking about 2021

    Other than in 2019, his FIP and xFIP pretty closely matches his ERA, so it doesn't seem like he was overly lucky.
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    Who should start for this team in 2021?

    Whitlock was a rule 5 pick, so he will have to be on the major league roster all year if they want to keep him. Presumably that makes him a lock to be there if healthy, although they could also use him as a multi-inning reliever.
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    Benintendi to Royals for Franchy Cordero, Mets RHP prospect Josh Winckowski, and 3 PTBNLs

    I don't expect them to be a playoff team unless everything breaks perfectly, but I'd take the over on 81 wins. The rotation is decent and has depth, the bullpen is better and the offense is still good, should be better than last year unless JD is truly cooked.
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    Sox sign Garrett Richards to a 1 year, $10 million deal

    His injury history isn't as bad as the innings pitched track record makes it appear. He tore his UCL in 2016 and tried some newer/experimental treatments to avoid Tommy John. They didn't work out, leading to him having Tommy John in 2018 and missing most of 2018 and 2019. So it all stems from...
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    2020-2021 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    What do you mean "2/6" he'll never see? The contract is guaranteed, he is getting that money. It looks like the choice was between something like 4/78 and 6/90 and he preferred the latter.
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    Everton 20/21: The Little Girl With the Curl-o

    It's really interesting that the good run of form has come not only without James, but also without Digne and Coleman. They've look really solid defensively, and very dangerous on the counter. Godfrey is a really exciting player and has been immense the last three games. Iwobi has been excellent...
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    Renfroe to Sox 1y/3.1M

    They need to be smart about how (and when) they go back into the tax. Signing two over 30 defense first center fielders to big contracts and swinging their cheapest cost controlled OF for expensive pitching doesn't make a lot of sense for making this team competitive over the next several seasons.
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    Yanks drop Trenton, Charleston, Staten Island affiliates

    Damn, I hope Trenton gets a team from someone else. I've enjoyed going to see the Thunder play, even if I root against them - and Trenton needs anything to draw people to come in and spend some money.
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    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    Because the implication was that, since rehiring Cora might be controversial, they might want to do it when news + public attention is elsewhere? Seems pretty straightforward, although I doubt this is actually factoring into the Sox decision making process.
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    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    I think there is some sort of election?
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    Red Sox 2020 Roster Thread

    Had assumed Martin Perez would be hanging around for another year, given the relatively low-risk of picking his option, but.... Then again, he didn't really limit home runs, didn't strike anyone out, and walked a bunch of guys. His xFIP was above 5.00 and his FIP just under. Pitching depth is...
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    Felger: Red Sox offered Mookie what he asked for, and were turned down

    One too many half Worcesters and he was ready to sign anywhere else
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    Liverpool 2020-2021: Jurgen's Heroes

    100% cosign on both points. Richarlison definitely goes down easily sometimes (although he's not on someone like Neymar's level). He also is someone who takes defending seriously and is absolutely willing to put in a tackle and try to win the ball. Pretty clear that he was out of control at the...
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    Everton 20/21: The Little Girl With the Curl-o

    With Sandro it wasn't the fee - which was low because of release clause in his contract. He was coming off a big season in Spain, was ranked as one of the top prospects in Europe (he was in the Guardians top 100 young players in the world or something like that), etc. He was supposed to replace...
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    Everton 20/21: The Little Girl With the Curl-o

    And we've signed a keeper on loan! Who I see described on twitter as the Older, Swedish, Pickford!
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    Everton 20/21: The Little Girl With the Curl-o

    Thought Delph and Sigurdsson looked pretty good today. Delph energetic defensively and looked composted on the ball. Sigurdsson has looked far better than last year; playing alongside a defensively solid midfielder seems to really let him focus on creating. Presumably one of them will slot in...
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    Pillar to Rockies for PTBNL, international slot money (UPDATE: Jacob Wallace)

    This is about as much as we could hope for. Struck a bunch of guys out in 21 innings as a reliever last year (12.8 / 9). Apparently he has a 3 pitch mix, but was exclusively a reliever in college. Definitely some upside there...
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    Football Manager 2020

    Played this religiously through my undergraduate years + the years before I went back to grad school. A few years into grad school, had to take it off my laptop because I realized my dissertation would never get written if I had it on my computer. So easy to get sucked in, play "just one more...
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    J.D. Martinez: Hips Don't Lie

    Interestingly, with Baez, his exit velocity isn't really down (last 3 years 90.6, 91.0, 90.3), but he's striking out more - in part because he is swinging less at pitches in the zone. I can believe that some players rely...