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  1. chilidawg

    2/12 Pummel the Pistons

    We played two decidedly mediocre games against them in the Motor City, time to build on last night's momentum and give them a good Boston beatdown. There was much moaning about how good Saddiq Bey looked, but Isaiah Stewart is the rookie who is really playing well. Good chance to look trade...
  2. chilidawg

    2/11 Wreck the Raptors

    Beat them handily back in December. No TL tonight, too bad he had a monster game against them last night. Brown not on the list. By "Raptor", Toronto has Van Vleet playing great, Lowry, Boucher, Powell and Anunoby playing well, Siakam still scuffling a bit. Hogan's Hero has been bad, sorry...
  3. chilidawg

    Christmas Day, a lump of coal for the Nets.

    And a tidy win for the C's. What's today's lineup? I'm going with Theis/Tatum/GW/Brown/Smart. Looking forward to Smart locking down on KI, and unleashing pesky PP on him as well.
  4. chilidawg

    2020 kickoff, Beatdown the Bucks

    Let's get this rolling. Who's the 5th starter? We're undersized enough up front that I don't think Teague makes sense in the backcourt. I'd go Green, but maybe starting GWill on Giannis makes some sense. Gonna take a team effort to keep the Freak in check.
  5. chilidawg

    2020-2021 Roster Thread

    Okay, i'm starved for C's banter, so what do you think about next year. Hayward is obviously the big wild card, I'm hoping he opts in and they get one more run with this cast. With Hayward we have Tatum Walker Brown Hayward Smart Theis RW GW Edwards Langford Then we have Kanter (team...