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    The Ongoing Tales of World B. Flat

    Yea Kyrie, must have been such a draining experience having to carry LeBron all those years.....
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    This annoyed me as well. Mostly because all the other examples had the hindsight of what happened the next year. Of course all the Chiefs moves look great, there are no results to judge them against.
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    What NBA team is your guilty pleasure, and why?

    For me, those early 00s Kings with White Chocolate, C Web and Divac....the passing on those teams was sublime
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    Edelman: Canton or Cannot and What of PEDs?

    Moss?? Or is the thinking not enough time with the team to be thought of as a Patriot?
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    30 for 30

    It's hard to It's hard to know the answer to that question but I'm hoping people will because without Mike and the Mad Dog, there would not be a sports talk radio station in every major US city today. The unfortunate part is they are still so head and shoulders above everyone else (Mike and...
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    The 2014-15 PC Friars/ Big East Basketball Thread: Bigger, Deeper ... Better (?)

    Was at the game tonight and I can't say enough about this team's toughness.  There were about 5 or 6 times where Nova looked like they were ready to blow it open but PC would not allow it.  That foul call was so awful even the many Nova fans around me admitted it was crap.  I feel this game...
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    The 2014-15 PC Friars/ Big East Basketball Thread: Bigger, Deeper ... Better (?)

    Their RPI is in the 20's......there is no way in hell they fall to a play in game....worst case is an 8 seed if they lose to St. John's
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    Pierce signs 2-year deal with Wizards

    Anybody think with that second year being a player option that Pierce is watching what the C's have going into the '15-'16 season to possibly come back if they've made some major moves?