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  1. DGreenwood

    The Best Rosters in The Minor Leagues

    Keith Law posted an insider article on ESPN highlighting the best rosters in the minors.    The Best Rosters in The Minor Leagues   Pawtucket:       My insider subscription seems to have expired so this is all I saw of the article.
  2. DGreenwood

    Amazon Echo

    Today I got an invitation from Amazon to purchase an Echo.  For those that aren't familiar, it's basically Siri for your house but tied heavily to Amazon services.  Anyone else get an invite and/or intend to try it when it's available?    Early reviews are about what you'd expect for a first...
  3. DGreenwood

    BA's Top 100 Prospect List

    Link   Bogaerts #2 Owens #40 Bradley #50 Swihart #73 Cecchini #74 Betts #75 Webster #88 Ball #89
  4. DGreenwood

    BP's Top 100 Prospects List

    Link It's actually top 101.   2.   Bogaerts 23. Bradley 51. Cecchini 64. Barnes 69. Owens 73. Swihart