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  1. FanRoy

    Apple Watch Recommendations

    I know you acknowledged this in your opening sentence, but if the OP was looking at an Apple Watch, I don't think Whoop would be a functional alternative for their use case. Whoop does recovery well, but very little else. Polar watches perhaps might do well as a fitness tracker watch, and they...
  2. FanRoy

    Tristan Thompson to Boston: 2 years, $19M, player option to re-up with Khloé Kardashian

    I agree with the gist of your post, but on what planet is Daniel Theis more experienced than Tristan Thompson? Quick look shows Tristan has something like 4 times as many starts in the playoffs (in MUCH higher leverage games/situations) and maybe double the amount of games appeared in. Oh, and...
  3. FanRoy

    Chelsea 20-21: Plastic Fans and Shiny New Toys

    I'd be a little surprised if Jorginho is in the starting 11. Not that it's ever been his game, but he doesn't seem to be able to keep pace on his defensive responsibilities. Too bad, his vision and passing imagination is beautiful. I'd rather see something like: Werner...
  4. FanRoy

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    I sense a tone of derision. Out of curiosity, when you talk down to us here in Central Florida from your high perch, saying we don't take this threat seriously, is it because...... we've done a much better job than most of the rest of the country "containing" this virus? 10x lower rate than...
  5. FanRoy

    Ideal NFL Alignment

  6. FanRoy

    Where do the Warriors Rank?

    But aren't you discounting the fact that they would NOT have been facing a cupcake from the Western Conference in the Finals year after year? They would have played something like 16 to 20 incredibly physical and tiring games..... only to then face a well rested Sixers or Celtics or Pistons team...
  7. FanRoy

    Celtics Sign Tacko Fall

    As someone who definitely does not have the same capacity for understanding the intricacies for NBA basketball as many others in this forum, I don’t think I understand why TL was more NBA ready than Tacko is. By all accounts, Tacko is exceptionally bright and seems to already have a pretty good...
  8. FanRoy

    Celtics Sign Tacko Fall

    Why do so many here seem unwilling to let Tacko “steal” a few minutes here and there in NBA games at different points this season? Maybe I am misinterpreting what some are writing in this conversation, but this same board seemed more than willing to throw minutes TimeLord’s way at points late in...
  9. FanRoy

    4G Android phone megathread

    So I got that same offer of $400 to trade in my Pixel XL. Plus T-Mobile is offering to pay half of the cost of the phone if you switch to their service in the form of a MasterCard gift card... is there any reason not to pull the trigger and essentially get the phone for free? I looked over the...
  10. FanRoy

    I want to go to a match in Europe

    So I'm in London this week and find myself wanting to attend the Chelsea - Man City match... I realize it's last minute and unlikely, but is it at all possible to find tickets for ~£200 or less? Assuming no, does anyone have suggestions on where to watch? I've been to a game at Stamford Bridge...
  11. FanRoy

    Tech Bargain Thread: Post Your Deals Here!

    Not sure if anyone has seen this, I assume it belongs in this thread. $500 for a 40" Samsung SmartTV and Xbox One bundle.<br /> <br /> <a class='bbc_url'...
  12. FanRoy

    4G Android phone megathread

    Charlieoscar's mention of the t-mobile Walmart plan got me to look into my own... And can somebody tell me what I'm missing?? Right now through t-mobile, I pay $60/month for unlimited talk, text and data (only 3gb high speed data). Walmart has a plan for only $30 that's unlimited text and data...
  13. FanRoy

    I want to go to a match in Europe

    I've actually been to a few games over there - Champions League games at Stadio Olimpico, Nou Camp, Stamford Bridge, as well as league games in other countries... And maybe I've just been lucky, but I've actually had the opposite experience of many here. For larger clubs, I would just go to the...
  14. FanRoy

    4G Android phone megathread

    First off, thanks to anyone that replied about talking to Verizon about losing my unlimited data plan - I got that fixed very quickly by one of their reps on the phone. Next, are we still talking about incoming text ringtones, or just a ringtone in general for when someone calls me? I can...
  15. FanRoy

    4G Android phone megathread

    So I just upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus from my old Blackberry Tour... I was under the impression that I would be able to keep my unlimited data plan if I already had one, but the rep at Best Buy told me that since I only had a "Blackberry Unlimited Data Plan", or whatever, that I don't qualify...
  16. FanRoy

    Nook Color: sneaky Android tablet

    Ah hah, so I should buy 3 Groupons and just order one online (are they or are they not available online?)? Unless I reaaaallly feel like being a PITA at the store to try to redeem 13 Groupons to get one for half-off?
  17. FanRoy

    Nook Color: sneaky Android tablet

    I've never used Groupon before, so I hope this question isn't too dumb... but how is it possible to use more than one coupon for the NC if you go to buy it at the store? Aren't most coupons limited to one per customer? Or is Groupon like a gift card and not a coupon?? Also, for someone who's...
  18. FanRoy

    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    That split is tOPS+. It's just his road/home OPS+ relative to his overall OPS+. Here's the definition and the formula. "OPS+ of this split relative to the player or team's overall OPS: 100*((split OBP/total OBP) + (split SLG/total SLG) - 1)"...