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    Font size while Reading Forums on an Android Phone

    Thanks, SD. It's working as I type this but the previous entries are all as small as usual. Still hard for me to read. Yes, I know, new glasses but everything else (books, newspapers, etc.) I read is fine. It's just SoSH.
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    Font size while Reading Forums on an Android Phone

    Sorry Folks if this is explained anywhere; I looked but had no luck. Is there any way to make the font larger on SoSH? I have a Galaxy S7 and use Chrome? Apologies for any typos
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    2018 World Series Sports Illustrated HARDBOUND Commemorative Book?

    I'm with you on that. I felt the hardback was a terrific cap to it all. I live in LA so wasn't expecting to find in any stores here. I will now inform relatives in New England to stop looking at their local Star Market. As an aside, watched the Damage Done video last night and really missed...
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    To all who are Boston sports fans. Can you go to the grave with this success or do you want more?

    I grew up in NY and was tormented as a child and an adult by classmates, supposed friends, colleagues, and neighbors. I have been heckled by strangers, hotel clerks, baristas, and homeless people across the US and in many different countries. Even my parish priest gave me grief. Very happy we...
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    Step on the throats of the bombers

    Step on the throats of the bombers
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    What's your most treasured baseball card of a Sox player?

    Here are the Yaz cards I collected as a kid with a few later ones added in. This is in our bedroom (on my side although my wife gave decorator approval). Of all the photos, #8 only smiles in the 1965, so I guess that's my favorite.
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    WS Game 7: A Curse Dies and a Curse Continues

    If Cubs lose this, within the next 5 years, Theo hires Tito who then breaks that streak.