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  1. Zososoxfan

    International Break (06-16 October)

    Oh hi International Futbol! It's great to see you again. I'll let others catch us up on what else is happening during this international break, but I know that there's the first pair of CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers (WCQ) matchdays on order (home team first): Thursday 08 October Uruguay vs...
  2. Zososoxfan

    2020 Michigan Football: Less Games, Still Losing to OSU

    The B1G is back baby!! 8 game season +1. What's that +1 you ask? It's a CCG, plus a full slate of games lining up the same seeds across divisions. So, the CCG is winner of East vs. winner of West, but runner up East will also play runner up West, third place East will play third place West, etc...
  3. Zososoxfan

    FC Barcelona 2020-2021: The Return of House Oranje

    Last season ended with a rousing victory over Napoli in the return leg of the UCL R16 after a disappointing 1-1 draw away in Naples. Relatively anonymous manager Quique Setien surprised critics by having the gumption to sit Busi in favor of a 3-man MF of Rak-Roberto-FDJ. Setien also...
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    Matchweek 36/37 Game Thread

    Some interesting pre-match notes for Spurs-Newcastle: Tottenham will let Serge Aurier decide whether he plays following the death of his brother on Monday. Tanguy Ndombele suffered an injury in training (SHOCKING I SAY!) and is not expected to play while Dele Alli's hamstring problem looks set...
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    Running Them into the Ground: The EPL Holiday Fixtures Bonanza Gamethread (26-12-19 - 02-01-2020)

    I think it's asinine to the players, but as a fan of the EPL the next 7 days are just outstanding (home team listed first): 26-12 (Boxing Day!) Spurs-BHA Bournemouth-Arse Villa-Norrich Chelsea-Southampton Palace-West Ham Everton-Burnley Sheffield-Watford United-Newcastle LCFC-Liverpool (!)...
  6. Zososoxfan

    The JV Squad: 2019-2020 Uefa Europa League (UEL)

    It's everyone's favorite tier 2 3 4 squads playing in a cup that ends in Gdansk, Poland (how does a consonant have an accent mark Poland?!?). All jokes aside, this tournament is awesome once it reaches the knockouts and features a lot of interesting clubs and players. Can anyone tell me if...
  7. Zososoxfan

    It's a Basketball School: 2019-2020 Michigan Basketball

    Well now! Michigan BBall took down the Battle for Atlantis, taking down ISU, UNC, and Gonzaga in the process. New coach Juwan Howard is pushing the right buttons and this team's rotation of 8 players looks damn good. Jon Teske is one of the best big men in the country, X Simpson continues to...
  8. Zososoxfan

    UCL Gamethread: Group Phase Matchday 4 (05 and 06 November)

    Bump! Home teams listed first. Tuesday 05 November Barca vs. Prague (early match) Zenit vs. Leipzig (early match) Dortmund vs. Inter Chelsea vs. Ajax Liverpool vs. Gentk Lyon vs. Benfica Napoli vs. Salzburg Valencia vs. Lille Group G is totally up in the air still and the result of...
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    The Special Ones - Managers in the Game

    There's been some good discussion in various threads about manager performance and I thought it would be a good time to do a list. Topic is simple, who are the top 10/20 managers in the club game right now at the highest levels. In other words, I don't have enough knowledge about midtable...
  10. Zososoxfan

    Champions League Match Thread (22 and 23 October)

    And we're back! 22 October Leverkusen @ Atleti Zagreb @ Donetsk PSG @ Brugge Madrid @ Galatasaray Lokomotiv @ Juve Atalanta @ Citeh Bayern @ Olympiakos Belgrade @ Spurs 23 October Chelsea @ Ajax Zenit @ Leipzig Lyon @ Benfica Napoli @ Salzburg Dortmund @ Inter Valencia @ Lille Liverpool @ Genk...
  11. Zososoxfan

    Champions League - 1 and 2 October

    New threads are good! Also, I'm officially switching to global date conventions from now on (in all walks of life, not just global football). Today's matches: Shaktar @ Atalanta Brugge @ Real PSG @ Galatasaray Neverlosin' @ Juve Atleti @ Lokomotiv Moscow Zagreb @ Citeh Olympiakos @ Red Star...
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    The Head Coach Has no Khakhis - Michigan Football 2019

    So yeah, Michigan's shellacking at the hands of Wisconsin this past weekend has me and a lot of the fan base rattled. What happened this weekend? What happened this year? And what does this all mean for the future? JH fired his OC from last year because the offense was a relic and slow and...
  13. Zososoxfan

    Wanda's World: Serie A 2019-2020

    I'm embarrassed to say it took me several minutes before settling on that thread title. Mamma Mia! Chasing the Celtics (more below), Calcio Pepe, and others are strewn about the proverbial cutting floor. I don't have much to say, but really wanted to start this thread to have an appropriate...
  14. Zososoxfan

    Age Before Beauty: Barcelona 2019-2020

    Griezmann is officially in the fold. Who knows what's going on with Neymar. Neymar-Suarez-Messi with Griezmann behind or Neymar-Griezmann-Messi is titillating, but who knows how this will work. This tension is exacerbated by EV's conservative tactics in the biggest matches and the squad's older...
  15. Zososoxfan

    Challenging los Chilenos: Copa America 2019

    Copa America 2019 starts tonight with Brazil vs. Bolivia. The tournament is being held in Brazil, in a much smaller geography than WC 14 (Sao Paolo, Rio, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, and Salvador). CONMEBOL's 10 teams plus invitees Japan and Qatar will be in 3 groups of 4 for a round robin...
  16. Zososoxfan

    Levy's Lament: The 2019 Summer Transfer Window Thread

    I debated whether to wait for the UEL and UCL to wrap up before starting this thread, but the news mill is starting to crank up so I think it's appropriate to start this now. I think Manager/Director news can also go in here, but it may make sense to split that off later. Some quick hits...
  17. Zososoxfan

    EPL with a side of CLASICO! - 2/27 Gamethread

    Hopefully enough people can watch live to get this going. Lots of good matches on today in the EPL, oh and just a little COPA CLASICO on the side. All matches other than the Gooners kickoff at 3pm EST.
  18. Zososoxfan

    The Return of the (PG) Hook Shot - Michigan BBall 2018-2019

    So, uh, this team is GOOD! It's a strictly 6-man rotation which worries me, Poole has been off since starting red hot, but this team 1-6 matches up with any other team in the nation. They're currently in a 2-dog fight for the Big10 title with MSU with both games occurring at the very end of the...
  19. Zososoxfan

    I Blame the Red Sox: UCL Group Stage Matchday 3 Thread (10/23-24)

    Whoops! Looks like we all got caught snoozing watching the Boston Belly Rings beat the LA Sparx. Barca sans Messi is struggling to create much offense against a mostly parked Inter. Doesn't matter much though, as Spurs have shat themselves and drawn against PSV.
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    International Break (8/10-16/10)

    Trying on the international dating system--like the metric, it makes more intuitive sense but certainly takes some getting used to. Anyhoo, we have the second post-WC international break and there are some noteworthy matches. Use this thread for all discussion of squad selection, tactics...