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  1. catomatic

    2/3 @ Flyers

    I’m not resolved on it, either, but the premium placed on keeping a structure must be an informed one. Or so I assume. Was Gregory Campbell’s stick broken when his leg was broken by the shot? Can’t recall.
  2. catomatic

    2/3 @ Flyers

    Long change obviously makes that doubly difficult. JVR love tap on Miller is the makeup. Thanks guys....
  3. catomatic

    2/1 @ Capitals

    Restricted to replays here but, from where I sit, Halak did not cover himself in glory on either goal.
  4. catomatic

    1/18 - Bruins vs Islanders

    Clutterbuck still whining to the Ref about it before leaving the ice. After running around all night, hitting late, hitting blind. I took satisfaction from Nick’s rabbit-punch.
  5. catomatic

    1/16 - Bruins vs Devils pt 2

    Anybody check for offsides on that? Presumably so - very close, though.
  6. catomatic

    1/14 - Bruins vs Devils

    This call was weak tea, didn’t hold up his man at all. The 1st was legit.
  7. catomatic

    1/14 - Bruins vs Devils

    Totally. Surprised and could only dub a weak backhand.
  8. catomatic

    1/14 - Bruins vs Devils

    Boychuck Retrospective coming up on Isles intermission report, FYI. MSG.
  9. catomatic

    World Juniors

    There aren't any streams for this game, are there?
  10. catomatic

    12/10--Patriots at Rams

    Damiere Byrd has some Troy Brown open field shake and bake in him.
  11. catomatic

    12/10--Patriots at Rams

    Tale of Two Cities.
  12. catomatic

    12/10--Patriots at Rams

    Cam sucks. Put the kid in.
  13. catomatic

    11/29: Cardinals at Patriots

    Yes. And Eason played the ‘86 SB like Dougie Hamilton “played” the puck with Ovechkin bearing down on him. Twas awful.
  14. catomatic

    11/22 - Striking oil in Houston (1pm start)

    Embarrassing effort here.
  15. catomatic

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Cash won’t skate on that hook but this win was no fluke. L.A. was Obviously better.
  16. catomatic

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Muncy’s throw tests the baseline metric for intelligence; holding two opposing thoughts in the mind at the same time, (and still being capable of action). Catcher should have handled the throw. But the throw was shite. And Brett Phillips’s already considerable faith in God appears, by that...
  17. catomatic

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Thanks for the chuckle. Yes.
  18. catomatic

    Week 5--Broncos @ Patriots (maybe)

    Are there meaningful differences between the Titans’ Covid layoff and the Pats - apart from Tennessee having even more sick players? Their response to the down time was to look fresh against the Bills. Admittedly, I could only watch snatches of this on my phone, but the aftermath tells me it was...
  19. catomatic

    2020 ALCS: Good vs Evil

    My take on all the Dusty Baker/Zach Greinke adulation is that way too much of that inning’s “success” rests on a mind-numbingly bad strike 3 call (Timmons) on a textbook checked swing (Arozarena). If he stays true to recent form and ties things up...