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    See You Vladar: 2020 Playoff Goaltending

    To get the obvious out of the way, Jaro is now goalie #1. As we recall from 2019, you can realistically ride goalie #1 all the way through the a normal year. But is the 35-yo Halak able to do so in a compressed playoff schedule that is perpetually subject to change? And if he can, is it...
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    AirPod Pros

    So with life basically being one conference/Zoom/GoToMeeting/WebEx call after another, I decided to fight every inclination I have and plopped down a couple bills for some AirPod Pros. One, these things are great--I used to make fun of the obsession some had with them, but I kinda get it now...
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    Gronk’s “Big Announcement”

    View: He wouldn’t make an announcement that he’s staying retired, though this obviously isn’t necessarily an announcement related to his playing career.
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    Getting an app on an older Apple TV

    So I subscribed to Disney+ today, but since I have a 3rd generation Apple TV, I can’t add the Disney+ app and can only Airplay it. When I did my initial AirPlay, the app asked me if I wanted to add Disney+ to my Apple TV app on the Apple TV itself (this is the one with the icon that has the...
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    Bruins Bar In Philly?

    Anyone know of a good Bruins-friendly bar in center city Philadelphia?
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    Bofa Deez Nuts Rides to Victory

    In a $10,000 maiden claiming race last night at Remington Park in Oklahoma City, Bofa Deez Nuts won its first horse race. The horse paid $7.40 to win. Deadspin has the story, and it’s absolutely worth watching the video just to hear the track announcer keep saying “Bofa Deez Nuts”.
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    Playoff Format Screwing Good Teams

    This was from the Tampa discussion thread, but I think this series combined with the fact that Jets and Preds are playing each other in the second round as well underscores the failings of the division-based playoff format. Yes, that's how it was for most of the NHL's existence, but I think this...
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    Vollmer to be Released

    Per PFT. Probably not surprising, given his health issues, but when he was healthy, he was solid.
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    Schefter: Jamie Collins Traded

    Holy crap. Per Adam Schefter: "Blockbuster deal: Patriots traded LB Jamie Collins to Cleveland for a compensatory third-round pick, sources tell ESPN."
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    Joe Buck: Hair Plug Addict

    Joe Buck reveals that hair plug addiction nearly cost him his career Apparently Joe Buck has a new autobiography out, and apparently hair plug addiction is a thing.
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    Darius Fleming is Twice the Man You Will Ever Be On Thursday, "Patriots linebacker Darius Fleming helped rescue a woman from a burning car. Fleming had to kick through the car window, suffering an injury that required him...
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    Sabathia to Rehab

    Not that he was having a banner year, but he had pitched well of late and would likely have been useful.   His statement:   "I love baseball and I love my teammates like brothers, and I am also fully aware that I am leaving at a time when we should all be coming together for one last push toward...
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    Former Patriot, Rumored Hooker-Murderer Craig James on Teh Homoz

    So, the Patriots signed on to a brief in support of marriage equality before the Supreme Court. Several other teams did as well, and given the Kraft family's liberal politics, it isn't that surprising. Former Patriots running back turned NFL analyst turned failed US Senate candidate Craig James...
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    Stage Diving with Bledsoe and Zolak

    Both CBS and Deadspin (the latter building on the former's story) have articles this morning about an interview the Farrelly Brothers did with Rich Eisen about Brett Favre's cameo in There's Something About Mary. Apparently, since the brothers are Pats fans, their first choice was Drew Bledsoe...
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    Random Football Questions

    I had two unrelated questions from yesterday's game, don't know if anyone knew the answers:   On the LaFell second Gronk touchdown catch, it looked like the ball was moving when he hit the ground, potentially negating the TD. Though the review didn't overturn the call, and it was automatic...
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    Jets: Legitimate Gripe or LOL Boo Hoo?

    Jets fans and some of the NY media are atwitter over the block to end last night's game, saying the official improperly moved Dont'a Hightower, rather than give him a flag for improperly lining up over the long snapper. The rules state that "When Team A presents a punt, field-goal, or Try Kick...
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    Ruling on an Omar Thread

    The Ray Donovan thread was locked after it was bumped for season two. Is that because we don't want a thread about the show, or because there should be a separate thread for the second season?
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    Possible Pats Scrimmages in Richmond, VA

    The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the "Patriots are talking with the Washington Redskins about holding a series of joint practices in Richmond before the teams play a preseason game on Thursday, Aug. 7." The deal isn't finalized, but the Pats would probably be in Richmond August 4th and...