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  1. kevlog

    2020 Quarantine Photo Thread

    We used to do a yearly photo thread, but since we’re all in quarantine, I thought this year’s might be interesting/different. I was cleaning out a drawer yesterday and came up with this pic, which had me longing for Fenway. Some people frame tickets - please share any pics that will keep us...
  2. kevlog

    2016 Season Photo Thread

    I didn't see a photo thread for this season, but I might be missing it. Anyway, I captured these last night and thought they were kind of fun, so here you go. Kid was so excited to put his foul ball in his drink holder. Also adding one of Koji in the rain, also from last night, and Koji winding...
  3. kevlog

    AUCTION ITEM (VIP Museum tour PLUS autographed swag) Ends 4/15

    You knew this one was coming - it's the VIP tour of one of 'America's Strangest Museums' (Travel & Leisure), The Beer Can Museum & Hall of Fame, for you and a guest,  along with some great autographed items (pictured below). 'Francona' is signed by Tito himself - and not just a bookplate! 'When...