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    2020 Rotation

    Pitchers and catchers report in 2 days. Here is the Red Sox current rotation: Chris Sale (147.1 innings in 2019) Eduardo Rodriguez (203.1 innings in 2019) Nathan Eovaldi (67.2 innings in 2019) Martin Perez (165.1 innings in 2019) In any other non-trading the best player since Ted Williams...
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    The Second First Season Podcast

    The Hartford Yard Goats spent their first season on the road. The Second First season podcast chronicles the Yard Goats first season in Hartford. The series is outstanding. I did not know that the pitcher's mound was possibly invented in Hartford. I learned that in the groundskeeping episode...
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    Tyler Thornborg Injury Watch

    As reported by Ian Browne of on Saturday, Red Sox manager John Farrell is already talking about replacements for Thornburg in the eighth inning if he isn’t ready for the start of the season, naming Joe Kelly as a prime candidate. Thornburg hasn’t pitched in a Spring Training game since...
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    The We're Actually Playing in Hartford Yard Goats 2017 Thread

    Single game tickets go on sale today. I'm willing to set aside all of the crimes, negligence, and stupidity and embrace minor league baseball in the capital city.
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    Minhane Podcast

    I downloaded the first two episodes for my flight home and thought they were quite good. His interview with Bob Ryan was especially well done. I'm interested to see where he takes the podcast. You can listen here. Ryan was candid and Kirk asked good questions. The first episode with the guy...
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    Cool Tech Without Threads: The Humblebrag Edition

    A thread for cool stuff without threads. Samsung Pay: Samsung often fucks up its software. But Samsung Pay is years ahead of Apple Pay or Android Pay. Samsung Pay works everywhere. No NFC reader necessary. I use it all of the time. I have many credit cards (for my various businesses) and carry...
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    Red Sox In On Ho Park

    Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports has clarified that the Red Sox do not have an agreement with Byung-ho Park. Rather, they have a working agreement with Parks’ team, the Nexen Heroes. Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports that the Red Sox have a working agreement with Korean first baseman Byung-ho...
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    Dropbox Encryption Software

    I'm looking to encrypt some dropbox files. Considering Safemonk and Boxcryptor. Anyone using any of these or similar programs? I'm interested in any thoughts or experiences you may have.
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    A longtime Chrome user here. However, recently I've noticed Safari being much faster and more stable than Chrome. Am I losing my mind or did Safari get a lot better?
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    CES 2015

    It's gadget time.
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    Bluetooth Speakers

    Saw a bunch of these at Best Buy today. I was impressed with the sound quality. I'm by no means an audiophile. Just looking for something for home. No need for a fancy sonos system. Anyone have anything they like.
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    Cell Phone Plan Thread

    The phone threads are getting littered with questions about plans. The good news is that there are more options than ever. The bad news is that the landscape is more confusing than ever. In this thread - we navigate the forest that is plan options. 
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    Smartwatch Thread

    2014 is the year of the first gen smartwatch and it's kind of a shit show. The idea of a smartwatch appeals to me. I'm constantly on my phone. Getting relevant notifications and being able to respond quickly without a phone appeals to me. However none of the current generation Android hit the...