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  1. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    PSA: Alexa is down nationwide

    1:40pm ET: Alexa is back up.
  2. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    Cloning MVNE drive to larger MVNE drive?

    Got a nice price on a gaming laptop on Prime Day. It came with a 128gb MVNE m2 SSD stick, and a 1TB HDD. I'm interested in upgrading the 128gb MVNE to something larger, when the opportunity presents itself. I've cloned drives before (usually hdd to ssd), but always with a USB cable going out...
  3. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    Free full season MLBTV Premium for T-Mo customers: must order on Tues. April 4

    Figured this deserves its own thread (Mods, please move to or cross post to the most appropriate forum): Same as last year, T-Mobile is offering its customers a free MLBTV Premium sub. (Last year's sub worked AFAIK worked across all platforms.) MAJOR difference: last year, there was a ~5...
  4. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    DirecTV Now

    ATT went live today with its new DirecTV Now streaming service, so figure this might warrant its own thread. No roku support yet (expected Q1 2017) and ATV support only on ATV4. (those two shortcomings are what kept me from trying it out first thing this AM) Four...
  5. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    Changed verizon email password: cant send emails from iPhones?

    Been on with Verizon support several times now, and their final decision is to blame Apple (which I dont really buy):   Last weekend, my son changed the password on his verizon email sub-account.  Since that time, he's been unable to Send emails from his iPhone 5s.  All other devices can send...
  6. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    Help me select a SFF video card

    Picked up (what I thought was) a great deal on an Lenovo quad core i5 desktop, but in my haste to snag it I didnt notice that it's SFF.  Since my son wants to do some gaming, I figured I could upgrade the GPU as a holiday gift.  Currently has an an integrated 4600.   From surfing the web, it...
  7. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    Verizon Fios Quatum Gateway Router: is it worth $150?

    Not sure if it's better to post this here, or in the Blind Leading the Stupid forum:   At any given time, we're running wifi on four iPads, three laptops, three Roku, and a desktop PC or two.  We do have existing hardwired ethernet going to a number of rooms (I'll run the HTPC hardwired, as well...
  8. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    iOS 7 jailbreak released