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    How do you think the Bruins are going to do this year?

    Same points as last season, which will come with much more optimism than last year. Strong push after trade deadline gets them into the playoffs, where they put up a good fight for a couple of rounds. Defense will have growing pains but will be overall better than current consensus...
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    NHL to go to 3-on-3 overtime

    Teams should get points for winning. Not for failing to win. Five minutes of overtime, be it 5-on-5, 4-on-4, or 3-on-3. 2 points for regulation win, 1 point for overtime win, 0 points for tie, 0 points for loss in regulation or overtime. No win? No points.
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    2015 NHL Draft

    Twice in the first five tries.  Which means I've just ruined any chance of it actually happening.
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    Do the Bruins Make the Playoffs?

    In evaluating the nature and extent of changes to be made, part of the problem is the maddening inconsistency, the streakiness that makes this team look either dangerous or awful, and ultimately adds up to mediocre.  It would be easy to overreact and make counterproductive changes.  I think that...
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    Do the Bruins Make the Playoffs?

    The remaining games ARE this year's playoffs for the Bruins.  It's awfully difficult to have solid confidence, given the Jekyll-and-Hyde nature of this season.  Would it be surprising to see them go on a 7-1-1 tear and get in -- or go 3-4-2 and "climb" above Florida/Dallas in draft position? ...
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    Jack Edwards

    If he just called the games, and dialed back some of the over-the-top drama, he'd be among the best.  Knowledgeable about B's and the opponent, not a lot of mistakes.  Understands flow of the game and recognizes potential turning points, etc., and describes with passion.  There are certainly...