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  1. snowmanny

    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    Just want to be clear: poster did make the point that Tiger pays lots of taxes and I recognize you are in part or in whole saying that what he pays in taxes shouldn’t impact his responsibility otherwise. Are you also saying that everyone should be financially responsible for damages caused to...
  2. snowmanny

    wtf is the Davey O'Brien Award and how did Mac Jones win it?

    Well Michael Bishop won and one pass in he was the best pro prospect I’ve ever seen.
  3. snowmanny

    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    Wicks 27 in 1975. was expecting Walton or Lucas to have held that record.
  4. snowmanny

    Pats QB Options

    You think Belichick is likely to blow a top 15 pick?
  5. snowmanny

    4/10: Judge back

    Did the team get them all at once instead of staggering small groups? Because that is a known mistake. Of course at my tiny specialty hospital they wouldn’t let us stagger the staff even though we knew it was going to otherwise produce a staffing mess, so I get that you do what you can when you...
  6. snowmanny

    NCAA Tournament Thread

    ed: sorry
  7. snowmanny

    Niners Trade for #3 Pick

    So this would be the exact mirror of the 2017 49ers trade when they dropped from 2 to 3 and picked up two thirds and a fourth and got the guy they wanted anyway. And the Bears could super relax knowing they had their guy, even though they probably already knew could relax and they had their guy...
  8. snowmanny

    MLB moving ASG out of Atlanta

    Too bad no golfer has the courage (or the politics) to stay home. Or take Charlie Woods out for a round.
  9. snowmanny

    MLB moving ASG out of Atlanta

    Both excellent points.
  10. snowmanny

    MLB moving ASG out of Atlanta

    By a cursory check I don’t think the Final Four, the Super Bowl, the CFB championship, or any golf major except the obvious is scheduled in Georgia at this time.
  11. snowmanny

    2021 Draft

    And I don’t know how you don’t factor in his bloodlines. His father and his uncle figured out how to play in MLB 30 years and this kid has more talent than either of them. Obviously we know relatively little about how all these prospects will respond to the challenges of a pro career, but...
  12. snowmanny

    MLB moving ASG out of Atlanta

    Haha. It gnawed at me and it turns out it is supper. Oh well
  13. snowmanny

    MLB moving ASG out of Atlanta

    “The Braves organization will continue to stress the importance of equal voting opportunities and we had hoped our city could use this event as a platform to enhance this discussion.” First of all, they apparently had no plan to “enhance the discussion,” that was up to the city. But more to the...
  14. snowmanny

    Pats QB Options

    And if that story is accurate, they presumably put the first round pick price on Garoppolo to indicate how much they value him and how willing they are to go into 2021 with him as the starting QB. But I would guess that it doesn’t feel that was to Jimmy. This is just another piece of data that...
  15. snowmanny

    Pats QB Options

    To be fair at Alabama his receivers had greater separation.
  16. snowmanny

    Niners Trade for #3 Pick

    I totally get the rationale* in keeping Jimmy G for a year. But we are about two minutes in and already they have had to explain and re-explain their thinking and their plan, and insist they are never trading him (well, unless...), and furthermore they have discussed and then re-discussed his...
  17. snowmanny

    Niners Trade for #3 Pick

    Do you know that whoever lands at three would be the guy?
  18. snowmanny

    DT Lawrence Guy Returning to Pats

    Or just trade them all for higher 2022 draft picks. That would be almost funnier.
  19. snowmanny

    Trade Deadline Poll: Which lane will Danny choose?

    Oh I misunderstood. Of course he was. I thought they meant an elite starting five. Of course those days of needing a top five center are long long gone.