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  1. Bergs

    Wright Thompson - ESPN's only decent excuse to exist

    I was going to shoehorn this great piece somewhere in BbtL, but figured there must be a Wright Thomspon thread in the Media Forum. Turns out there wasn't, so there is now. I have enjoyed this guys work for years. He is definitely inspired by the late great Hunter S. Thompson (no relation so...
  2. Bergs

    Joe Thomas Already Experiencing Classic CTE Symptoms

    This is hard to fathom:
  3. Bergs

    Aaron Hernandez Salary Cap Implication Thread

    This is a thread dedicated to discussing the Aaron Hernandez cap hit.   Let me preface this by saying I'm no expert on this, and I'm hearing conflicting reports. In a fair world, it seems like the NEP ought to be able to take no hit at all for releasing a dude who ends up being a murderer. As...