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    MLB (supposedly) might let trailing team change batters in 9th

    I was thinking of doing a poll: is this really fake, really dumb, or crack-induced?
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    Are players taking pay cuts to play for the Pats?

    I have a question. Someone on the main board noted that the Patriots are able to manage the salary cap effectively because they "have players willing to play for a fraction of what they could make on the open market." I hear this a lot on national radio, and I know there are some examples...
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    NBA All-Star Game Starters

    East (Fan vote/Player vote/Media vote) Frontcourt: James (1/1/1) Antetokounmpo (2/2/2) Butler (3/3/3) Missed Embiid (3/8/5) Guards: Irving (1/1/1) DeRozan (3/3/2) Missed-Thomas (4/2/1) West: Frontcourt: Durant (1/1/1) Leonard (3/2/2) Davis (4/3/3) Missed Cousins (6/4/4) Guards: Curry...
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    In HOF if not for PED suspicions

    I'm trying to get a sense of exactly which players would be in the HOF if not for some sort of steroid aroma (or evidence) around them.  Assume for the moment that the player had Jeterian-level presumed innocence when it come to this the list?  Would all these guys be in without...
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    Relative strength of top leagues

    Honest question: how many "major league" level soccer leagues and teams are there in the world? It always seemed to me that ALL the competition in soccer is diluted by the sheer number of teams in existence compared to, say, basketball where there is basically one league with thirty major league...
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    Loria Expects Stanton to Opt Out

    So, the Marlins are planning on Stanton opting out, and the President of the Pirates has a big mouth: