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  1. sachmoney

    Arsenal 2016-17: Get Ready For A Xhak-attack

    I'm excited to start the new Arsenal thread, like I should have been allotted the ability to last year. I mean, I start the thread two years in a row and Arsenal win the FA Cup in both years. Some schlub completely ignores board rules and fucks everything up. Arsenal blows its best chance in...
  2. sachmoney

    Michigan Football 2016: I-Rashan-al

    I apologize in advance if we don't get Rashan Gary, but I wanted to be the one to make terrible puns for the title this year. Jim Harbaugh put Michigan back on the right track in 2015, doubling the team's 2014 win total with a win over Florida, a SEC school, in the Citrus Bowl. Notable strides...
  3. sachmoney

    Michigan Basketball 2014-2015: Caris Us To The Promised Land

    Surprised that there hasn't been a thread started, so I'm jinxing this season by starting it. :(   Michigan up 41-17 on Bucknell with 4+ to play. This team may not be as good offensively and might miss the leadership of Morgan, but I'm loving what I am seeing thus far. Yes, I know it's Bucknell...
  4. sachmoney

    Arsenal 2014-2015: Ugh. Your banter stinks.

    Last season featured highs and lows. The triumph of winning the FA Cup yesterday capped off that season on a high note, following a disappointing end to the league season and another early exit in the Champions League. It was Arsenal's first trophy in 9 years and surely, this taste will have the...
  5. sachmoney

    12/28: Boston at Ottawa

    We saw last night that the Senators are more a team whose best player pegs a teammate in the face with a puck than a team that can compete with the Bruins: Let's hope Reilly Smith continues his hot streak and the KIL line continues to KIL.
  6. sachmoney

    12/27: Ottawa at Boston

    So yeah, not gonna forget about this one.   Ottawa is visiting, so the only thing to do is to bop them on the head:   Here's to Spooner and Smith [raises glass] continuing their hot play.
  7. sachmoney

    12/23: Boston at Nashville

    I was going to start it this morning, but got caught in some things. In fact, it didn't hit me that I forgot until I was listening to the pregame show on the way home from Star. My apologies.   This is our first chance to see rookie sensation, Seth Jones, up close and on NESN. He took a puck to...
  8. sachmoney

    12/21: Buffalo at Boston

    Make me do this, Bruins:
  9. sachmoney

    December 2013 College Basketball Game Thread

    Hoosiers getting plowed by the Orange. Illinois beating Georgia Tech.   Michigan/Duke, Iowa/Notre Dame waiting in the wings.
  10. sachmoney

    Arsenal 2013-2014: Insufferable & Unsuccessful -- And Worse than Chelsea

    Arsenal had to fight hard for fourth place, having to win 26 out of 30 points in the run up to secure Champions League football. The finish took a phenomenal run of form, though the competition may have been lightweight on the way. With a squad full of spirit and the disgruntled on their way out...
  11. sachmoney

    2013 Michigan Wolverines Football: Strugglin'

    With the college football season officially over last night, we can start fresh. I'm not sure there are many schools or fanbases, who are relishing the chance to start fresh as much as us. Facing one of the toughest schedules in the nation, the Wolverines disappointed time and time again. With a...
  12. sachmoney

    College Hockey Thread

    I don't know about you all, but this is my favorite time of the year. Saturday, Michigan starts its hockey campaign. I will make the voyage down to Yost and I will cheer on my #4 ranked Wolverines. It's the best time of the year. For those who have been unfortunate to not have hockey at their...