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  1. In my lifetime

    Keeping the Sky Up. What is going right?

    I just can't read all these negative posts any longer. I know it is difficult, but please refrain from posting here: nothing, not much, etc. You have about 5 other threads in which to wax poetically of all that ails the RS. So in anticipation of a long winning streak, I sure hope the thread...
  2. In my lifetime

    Price is right

    Well the return of numbness (paresthesia) reported today is not a good sign. It certainly is not Raynaud's, and is likely to be a nerve impingement/entrapment. There is no reports other than all his fingertips being numb. However, it could be only 2 fingers are numb, unless you are thinking...
  3. In my lifetime

    Free Agents aren't free, then again nothing for nothing

    I realize we have other threads, but with 3 significant names off the board and the continued countdown for a RS move, I figured a free agent thread was appropriate (and the fact that no one likes mega-threads). As usual a well done fangraphs article with a conclusion that makes sense: Homer...
  4. In my lifetime

    Fixing the NBA's free agent system

    With Durant deciding on going for the closest thing to a sure thing, the folly of the NBA free Agent system is further exposed. In the West, the regular season basically becomes completely uninteresting except for which teams are going to try the hardest to tank and how many games the GSW will...
  5. In my lifetime

    Back to Buchholz

    After tonight's performance, Buchholz' return on Wednesday will somehow be a welcome relief.
  6. In my lifetime

    Your preferred Celtic target at #3

    Prospects after Simmons and Ingram are bunched closely together and likely determined by the best fit for each team (as there seems to be no clear cut #3 best prospect). So make a case for which player would be best for the Celtics if they end up picking #3 - 6.
  7. In my lifetime

    "This too shall pass" ---- righting the ship for 2016

    What do the RS need to do to fix this team for 2016?   IMO: HRam - the LF experiment has failed. Hard to believe it is that hard for a former SS  to be competent in LF, but after >half the season, I think the jury is in.  He is a middle of the lineup bat, get him a 1B glove and try him there. If...
  8. In my lifetime

    Line up going Forward

    With Farrell finally pulling the plug today on Napoli vs. a Right handed starter pitcher, it is probably a good time to discuss the potential RS lineup going forward.   This is what would make sense to me:   W/ Pedey out:   vs L   C:  Hannigan (Leon in as Bucholz private catcher only) 1B: Napoli...
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    Next man up, err I mean Down: Craig

    So much for that glut of outfielders. Victorino leaves tonight's game with hamstring tightness. No time frame given, nor comment on the grade of the strain yet, but it is hard to imagine anything less than at least 2 weeks and it potentially could be a lot longer. Castillo is still on the DL...
  10. In my lifetime

    Vegas, Baby: Always Bet on... Red.

    With the disclaimer that citing future odds also includes the probablility that future moves are expected. The RS opened at 22-1 to win the WS. They are now the favorites at 8-1 as listed on and updated through today. So Someone thinks the FO is doing a good job.      WORLD SERIES...
  11. In my lifetime

    Red Sox 2015 AAV

    Pos'n ML Srv Length / Total Value 2014 2015 Napoli, Mike 1b 7.151 2 yr/$32M (14-15) $16,000,000   $16.00   Ortiz, David dh 15.048 2 yr/$26M (13-14) 1 yr/$16M (15)+16-17 opts $15,500,000   $16.00   Cespedes, Yoenis lf 2 4 yr/$36M (12-15) $10,500,000   $9.00   Victorino, Shane rf...
  12. In my lifetime

    Your 2015 Boston Red Sox

    It is 4:00 PM and the trading deadline is history. Ben has just entered REM phase of his sleep.   Here is what the 2015 25+ man RS roster looks like now (with a lot of help from Cot's)   Pos'n ML Srv Length / Total Value 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Napoli, Mike 1b 7.151 2 yr/$32M...
  13. In my lifetime

    The Payroll and Lester

    There has been 31 pages of hand-wringing over Lester's possible impending free agency with many calling for the RS just to give Lester his money. We are all in the dark, since we don't know where the negotiations stand (if they are even ongoing) and what Lester would take to sign now.   However...