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    Jaylen Brown re-signs for 4 years/$115 million

    Agreed, (I) off-ball movement + (ii) playmaking for others (the latter of which he's already doing a bit more of) are the next phases of his offensive development. Other than some well-timed back-cuts, he's never been the kind of guy who makes his defender chase him all over the court before he...
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    Al Horford: he gawn

    Assuming he isn't coming back here, I actually think this is the best scenario. He'll be out of the conference, not on the Lakers, and maybe his presence in LAC makes them enough of a contender to draw Kawhi off the Raptors.
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Would anyone prefer to send Hayward over Smart as the salary match? (Assuming that neither a S&T, nor the machinations we've discussed way upthread - requiring us to sign our picks and wait 30 days - are feasible). My thoughts: Smart loves Boston, he's a great fit on a star-laden team with AD...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    If Rozier agrees to a S&T, I have to think it's as part of a three-team deal. Rozier wants to start, and he'll be behind Jrue there. Whatever we get in a 3-team for Rozier will just be salary filler (an expiring), so I don't think including Rozier allows us to take out any picks.
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    Round 2: Celtics vs. Bucks

    Haven't seen this posted elsewhere: Brogdon is OUT for Games 1 and 2, will be reassessed after that. Link: I think the Cs need to win one of those first two games. If...
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    Round 1 Discussion: Celtics - Pacers

    Kinda feeling like the series could swing on who of Smart/Brogdon can return first. Also, whether the C's bigs can hit their 3s off the pick-and-pop...we may need Baynes to can a couple from downtown.
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    Gordon Hayward 2020: I'm standing here in pieces and you're having delusions of grandeur!

    Love that every time he got Turner switched onto him, he pulled back to ensure he got the ISO and then surgically roasted him (first by driving and drawing the and-1, which made Turner sag more the second time, and then by using the space to drain a 3). That was pure max guy stuff.
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    I don't love any trade in which the Celtics give up two of GH/JB/JT for AD - and I doubt DA does either - because it absolutely destroys their wing depth (especially once Morris walks). Other than the remaining member of the GH/JB/JT trio, the Celtics would have Semi at the wing and...who...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Interesting point. Tatum + Brown likely blows away any other package (it even holds a candle to Knox/Zion). We wouldn't be moving from #9 to #8, right? We'd be moving to #8 from nothing, since we wouldn't get #9 - so we'd get $4.86m of salary ballast. (Maybe I'm misunderstanding). Edit: I...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Man, that's an expensive 10 players. Does that leave with you with no MLE (since using the taxpayer midlevel hard caps you at the apron, I assume going over the apron means you can't use the t-MLE?) Edit: NVM, I got that wrong - You only get the t-MLE if you're above the apron. You're...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    If Memphis doesn't convey, the Celtics need the $4.46m to match salaries, and the Pelicans are OK with an AD deal that includes #9 (i.e. they don't insist on a future Memphis pick), I wonder if Memphis and Boston could work out a deal to convey this year's #8 (or #7) to Boston in exchange for a...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Excellent point! I'm curious how Gibson's deal would be calculated for trading purposes. Per CBA FAQ, for a "minimum-salary player with more than two years in the league and playing on a one-year contract, the minimum salary for a two-year player is used" when calculating salary for trading...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Yes, it would create an additional salary of up to $4.46m (120% of the 2019-2020 rookie scale slot for the #9 pick of $3,719,500), with the same restriction that they'd have to sign the drafted player and wait 30 days before making the trade official. (Of course, there's the well-discussed...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Draft pick salaries are counted as $0 for salary-matching purposes until the player signs. See CBA FAQ, Question 89. They do count holds for salary cap purposes, but they don't count as salaries to use in trades. Edit: Once the draftee signs, the team has to wait 30 days before it can trade...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Should we talk about whether they can make this trade without including Smart (or Hayward)? The Celtics can only take on 125% +$100k of the salary they ship out for AD. Let's assume the picks stay at slot, so the Grizzlies pick doesn't convey and the Cs get the Kings pick @ 14, Clips @ 20, and...
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    2019 Draft Megathread

    Hell, Paul Pierce shot 60.6% from the stripe in his freshman season at Kansas.
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    Irish Backstop

    That's a good point, if they're $35m under the cap they wouldn't need to match salaries on BB. Beal's also only turning 26 this year so even if trading for him doesn't instantly make the C's a contender, he aligns with their next window of contention. Your young core to start next season would...
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    Irish Backstop

    Is it worth it to commit big $$ to a 29-YO Kemba Walker after losing Horford + Kyrie? I suppose you could then try to trade Jaylen+ for Beal (and that would probably require including Smart + one of our eventual draftees to help match salaries), but does a Kemba/Beal/Tatum/Hayward core have a...
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    Celtics in 18-19

    Hindsight is 20-20, but it seems like Morris should've been moved around the deadline, as: (1) his value was probably high after a good first half and we can't use his contract this offseason to match salaries; (2) moving Morris might have gotten them under the luxury tax - the team this...
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    We need to talk about (getting) Kevin (Durant)

    You may well be right, but as of this offseason Hayward will be on a 1+1. Even if he never gets back to the player he was in his last season on the Jazz, he won't exactly be a franchise-hamstringing albatross. In fact, if they give him a chance next year and he still isn't 100%, he'll already...