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  1. Twilight

    Garrett Richards' simplified delivery

    And obviously we can't blame it all on pitcher inconsistency, either. A 10 mph breeze swirling around a stadium could be a tailwind on one pitch and a headwind on the next. That difference in "apparent wind" might have the same effect as a 20 mph difference in pitch speed.
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    White Sox hire Tony LaRussa as manager

    He'll probably fall asleep at the light.
  3. Twilight

    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    They got his autograph, though.
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    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    The last time we got a Mendoza from the Yankees it didn't work out so well (the first year, anyway). Hard pass.
  5. Twilight

    Might as well start talking about 2021

    There may be some innings limitations to contend with next year, especially with the younger guys. If Sale is able to come back and join the starting rotation, someone at the back end could move to the bullpen, reducing their innings total for the year and hopefully bolstering the bullpen nicely.
  6. Twilight

    J.D. Martinez: Hips Don't Lie

    I'd rather he was a Tower of Power View:
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    Cy Young and MVP races

    That's an incredible accomplishment, even in a short season, but I'm glad it's higher than 0.7373.
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    JBJ in 2021

    Yes, thank you--that was lots of fun. Mookie and CC talking together were wonderfully unguarded and we got no Bull Durham interview clichés (in that clip). Ruocco also smartly gets out of the way when good things are happening, an essential interviewer skill. It was probably also the...
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    Alex Verdugo - on-field discussion thread

    It's been mentioned before so apologies if this is unnecessary for this audience. I often need to remind myself that you can only put nine guys in the lineup at once, so there is significant value in packing more WAR into one position. It may be harder to quantify, and it may not even constitute...
  10. Twilight

    Alex Verdugo - on-field discussion thread

    I agree entirely--I'm not watching much, but I haven't been impressed with his arm strength. I see bounces even on shallow throws. Still, accuracy and getting rid of it quickly count (there should be a pop time for other fielders, too). Fangraphs has him first in both ARM and rARM this year...
  11. Twilight

    Tech ideas for a new nonprofit

    Thank you both. I'd forgotten about TechSoup--great resource. We are applying for NP status now and the lawyer says it might be a year before we are official, so I'll see if we can sign up while that is in process or if we have to wait. Evidently it was already a six-month delay before covid...
  12. Twilight

    Tech ideas for a new nonprofit

    Looks like I'll soon be back in the nonprofit world, running a public-facing marine science educational org. We'll have a facility with exhibits, tours, a gift shop, maybe some rental boating. Probably 3-5 seasonal employees and some interns when we're up and running, though for the next 9...
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    Sports Cards Mania

    Your sister made the right move. That's unforgivable.
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    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    Another 4 game sweep at Fenway, with the visitors scoring 42 runs. What a massacre. At least the Sox had the decency to score 22 of their own to make it a little less eerie.
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    July/August game thread

    True, though we're now two weeks into the season. I guess the strange thing, really, is the disparity in games played, and the reasons for it.
  16. Twilight

    July/August game thread

    Also wild (to me, anyway) was this afternoon's NL East standings, which had the 4-1 Marlins at the top of the list with an .800 winning percentage over the 8-4 Braves (.667), and yet the Marlins were a half game back. Just strange to see the "0.5" in the first row and the " - " below it.
  17. Twilight

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Apologies for stepping on the Hawley/Woj discussion, but I wanted others to see this and didn't know where else to post it. Please move if appropriate. Tom Junod from ESPN wrote a long and captivating article about a man who was hit by a car at Goodall Field in Sanford a couple of years ago...
  18. Twilight

    Red Sox release statement about multiple incidents of racism at Fenway Park

    LoweTek's colleague forgets that a martyr is killed because of their beliefs. George Floyd was not killed because of his beliefs. He was not killed because he had fentanyl in his system, or because of his criminal record. George Floyd was killed because he was black. Pointing out his criminal...
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    2020 Proto-season: Articles, retrospectives and other Baseball Content While We Wait

    Can't stay overnight, but Hadlock can be rented for games--at least if you're part of an official league. Not sure they'd do it for just anyone off the street.
  20. Twilight

    Happy Patriot's Day

    That was my first game at Fenway, actually. Didn't even get to see a Milwaukee home run, let alone anything at all from the hometown team. I think Sutton threw for the Brew Crew. I can say I say Yaz in person, though, so there's that.