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  1. EricFeczko

    software/package for entering google-form like documents but with end-to-end encryption

    Hey all, A group that's working to promote diversity in academic science is looking to get more secure with forms filled out online, as opposed to google forms. Is there a package or software (either way, doesn't matter) freely available, easy to setup, that would provide end-to-end encryption...
  2. EricFeczko

    Missing balls filled by NN solution

    From the THT via fangraphs: I'm not sure if others have read this yet, but this seems important for anyone interested in statcast data. Approximately 11 percent of "missing data" was technicially imputed using MLB's "No Nulls Solution". The no nulls...
  3. EricFeczko

    Video recording software for Windows 7/8/10?

    Hey SoSHers, I'm looking for some free software to record video from a laptop camera. If anyone has any recommendations, that would be great thanks!
  4. EricFeczko

    AFA video tutorials

    Below are the first two in a developing series of tutorials from Brian Burke on "concepts and models in football analytics". For those who are unaware, Brian Burke developed an expected points and win probability model to evaluate players, teams, and decisions made by coaches on the field.  ...
  5. EricFeczko

    Dave Cameron: I was wrong about the Royals, or was I?

    I didn't see any threads about Dave Cameron or a miscellaneous thread. Please move the post if needed. Dave Cameron wrote an interesting post on fangraphs yesterday, asking why he was wrong about the Royals. He answers himself that he was right about the royals but wrong about good-mediocre...
  6. EricFeczko

    Help with resources for MLB analysis

    Hey everyone, This is probably a dumb question, but I'm posting this anyways.   I'm interested in running some simulations to reassess the reliability of hitting/pitching metrics in a more rigorous manner. I've got the code to do so, however, I'm not sure where to find a list of outcomes per PA...