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  1. nolasoxfan

    Bruins @ Capitals

    Skate. Dominate. WIN. I’ll be there en persona. Anyone else?
  2. nolasoxfan

    Bruins-friendly bars in DC Metro

    Two questions: 1) Any recommendations for Bruins-friendly bars in the DC Metro area? 2) Any SoSHers interested in meeting up for Game 7? I'm not a big drinker, but I'm a rabid Bruins fan with a mouth like Marchand.
  3. nolasoxfan

    Chris Berman's WIFE dies in car accident

    MSNBC reporting that WIFE of Chris Berman has died in a car accident in Bristol. Yahoo link EDIT: WIFE of Chris Berman How do I edit the title?
  4. nolasoxfan

    Qatari Alternatives

    Frankly, they should push the Qatar games to England.