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  1. Curtis Pride

    April 24th, Red Sox v. Mariners

    Who is Chris Flexen, and why is he shutting out the Red Sox?
  2. Curtis Pride

    4/21 - A trilogy of victories

    Changeups outside the strike zone = kryptonite
  3. Curtis Pride

    4/18 - vs. Chicago (Game 2)

    Let's just win this one, okay?
  4. Curtis Pride

    UConn back to Big East?

    Upon seems to have a great defense but not enough good shooters to beat the top teams. Their defense kept Villanova from pulling too far ahead, but their shooters didn't make enough shot get a bigger lead and press the Wildcats. This is a tournament bubble team. Adama Sanogo is an interesting...
  5. Curtis Pride

    1/3 - Celtics @ Pistons

    I am just checking in to point out that Jaylen Brown scored 31 points on 16 shots. He had no free throws, so all his points came from the floor. this is 1.9375 points per shot (PPS).and an eFG% of .969. Entering today's game his eFG% was .621, at 24th in the NBA, among the likes of Malcolm...
  6. Curtis Pride

    Christmas Day, a lump of coal for the Nets.

    I only saw the third quarter, and I thought Durant was the difference maker. On both ends of the court. This was what the Nets hoped to be when they assembled that team last year. Also, when Kyrie is "on," he's really, really good. The trouble was, he wasn't "on" a lot of the time in the past.
  7. Curtis Pride

    12/10--Patriots at Rams

    I don’t like this game.
  8. Curtis Pride

    11/15 - Ratbirds fly into town (8:20 start time)

    At least they kept the Ravens scoreless in the first quarter.
  9. Curtis Pride

    2020 NFL: Wk.10 Game Thread

    8-8 intradivision record leaves a 2-18-1 out of division record. It’s conceivable that four wins could win the division with tiebreakers.
  10. Curtis Pride

    2020 NFL: Wk.7 Game Thread

    Now I’m hoping that Washington beats Dallas so that the Eagles have sole possession of first place with two wins and a tie.
  11. Curtis Pride

    2020 NFL: Wk.6 Game Thread

    Since the Falcons and the Giants won today, the Jets are in line to be the sole winless team in the NFL.
  12. Curtis Pride

    Jim Ed's Signature

  13. Curtis Pride

    Ride the Lightning Remastered

    Isn’t there a rule for when two players are engaged in a fight, a third player who gets into it too also gets penalized? Just asking because I’ve seen it happen twice without a penalty called.
  14. Curtis Pride

    Ride the Lightning Remastered

    Yeah, those shorties were killer.
  15. Curtis Pride

    Ride the Lightning Remastered

    I’m at my first Bruins game ever. I’m enjoying it despite the score. It seems like Lightning can get clear shots, and the Bruins can’t. That better change soon.
  16. Curtis Pride

    Getting Smart with Statistics

    If people had noticed that Smart's shooting has improved over the last couple of years, he's been working on his shooting since the 2017 offseason. John Karalis wrote this article during last year's playoff...
  17. Curtis Pride

    2019 Game Ball Thread: Wk. 15 at Bengals

    I would add J.C. Jackson with his two interceptions today.
  18. Curtis Pride

    2019 NFL Week 13 Game Thread

    I'm thinking Dak isn't a great passer.
  19. Curtis Pride

    2019 NFL Week 13 Game Thread

    I'm confused, as a Patriots fan do I want the Bills or the Cowboys to lose?