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  1. loafnut

    Excel Expertise or Thinking off the Wall

    My idea of what you wanted was right. The above formula I posted works for what you have described here. You would just have to code with pluses and minuses which might be a pain. It’s convoluted to do this in excel imho and maybe a different tool would work better.
  2. loafnut

    Excel Expertise or Thinking off the Wall

    I can think of two ways to do this. I think index-match-index would work or an array index match. See here: The other way is to create a text string of the net score after each inning using text values in reverse order. So a...
  3. loafnut

    KNOCKOUT DAY 3: CONCACAF to the Quarters???

    Well much of Spain's roster plays together on the same club, so you get the same kind of cohesion you see at the highest club levels. They are the argument for club soccer being superior. And Brazil has so much talent that they can assemble a team with a vision in mind, leaving off some top...
  4. loafnut


    He gave out several cards but the Swiss were just undeterred and were prepared to take the cards and substitute as needed. Nothing they did was worthy of a red. Not sure what you do. Maybe start pulling yellows on everything. That doesn’t make a good game either. It’s too bad the Swiss came out...
  5. loafnut


    Brazil didn’t look great but what a cynical game from the Swiss. Their play was worthy of Concacaf. No interest in anything but mugging anyone in a yellow shirt. No chance for a pretty game when one team plays like that. Can’t wait for another 16 teams running the same strategy in 2026.
  6. loafnut

    NFL to Owner of Only Tape of Super Bowl I Broadcast: Drop Dead

    Ho How hard he worked for the tape has nothing to do with anything. The guy owns an asset, period. It's not like many of the nfl owners put any real work in beyond inheriting a team anyway. You are totally missing the situation. He has nothing to lose. It's not like the NFL owns anything...
  7. loafnut

    Road to the One Seed Stops at Number Two

    If you think that Pitt and Den are the two toughest teams, you might prefer that they play each other first, rather than both back to back.
  8. loafnut

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Hi. Add me to the list who can't see other crap. No avatar. Used to be able to post in P&G, root of all evil, etc. Not sure if I'm supposed to be able to see those or not now? Thanks for the hard work on the redesign.
  9. loafnut

    Pacquiao vs. Mayweather 5/2: Better late than never!

    Not a boxing fan but a sports fan and tuned in for this one.  This isn't going to bring anyone back to boxing. NFL draft held more drama today. I guess you have to be a boxing superfan to appreciate it.   I still don't understand how these guys didn't fight 5 years ago.
  10. loafnut

    Skiing 2014-15

    I used to live there. For big boy terrain and snow: Squaw>> Kirkwood> Alpine>> Mt Rose>Sugar Bowl> The rest I wouldn't waste my time with northstar. Heavenly is busy and only worth it for the view. Sierra is fine but unremarkable. Homewood has a cool vibe but just isn't steep. Pro tip: Get...
  11. loafnut

    Tremendous Goals

    Link doesn't work.
  12. loafnut

    World Cup Quarterfinals, Day 1--France/Germany, Brazil/Colombia

    Not a great game but glad the better team won. Unlike chile, Colombia looked to have a pretty cynical game plan to try and outfoul Brazil, getting away from their previous style. Brazil looked more fluid than they have other games. Surprised you all are think the ref was crooked. Colombia fans...
  13. loafnut

    World Cup Day 13--Costa Rica/England, Italy/Uruguay, Greece/Ivory Coast, Japan/Colombia

    What a dive on a stubbed toe in the dirt. Sad to see Ivory Coast go out like that.
  14. loafnut

    Changes at ESPN Boston NFL

    All Tebow all the time over there right now.  Some truly terrible articles are polluting the blog.  His stuff is top notch, but now ESPN is effectively spamming him. Gotta feel bad for Reiss and I hope he moves on. They have really lowered the overall quality.
  15. loafnut

    2013 Confederations Cup - Tahitian Treat

      Really. I had the opposite impression (no real rooting interest), that it could have easily been 3-0 by late in the first half, and Spain were lucky they weren't down to 10 men after a terribly cynical hack by Arbeloa on Neymar.  Spain definitely should have put one in somewhere, but this had...