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  1. Tito's Pullover

    #NotAllMedia: The Ballghazi Whitelist

    I decided a few days ago to start a whitelist in the Ballghazi mega-thread to keep track of influential voices who were actually listenable/readable during this whole mess.  I separated the list into groups of players (past and present) and non-players (mostly writers and talking heads)...
  2. Tito's Pullover

    The 25 Most Important People in Baseball History

    Some of you may recall participating in Graham Womack's 50 best players not in the HoF project.  If you have and you're on his email list, you may have received a notification of his new project: a poll of the 25 most important people in baseball history.  If you haven't, check it out.  It's a...
  3. Tito's Pullover

    ESPN Sunday Night Baseball SEVEN MAN Announcing Team!?

    I'm not sure if this is a one time thing or a new regular deal, but the ESPN Sunday Night broadcast tonight of the Dodgers and Pirates has seven... count them, seven announcers.  Karl Ravetch and Barry Larkin doing PBP and color in the booth, plus Eric Wedge in the stands behind home plate, Mark...