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    4/23 - My "Hall"ergy to Those F*cking Fans, You Know, Has Returned.

    I'm not getting sick of beating Buffalo. But I'm getting sick of watching their shitty brand of hockey. Keep on keepin on.
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    4/22 - Come "Hall" or High Water

    The Bruins are making a run to the top of the East. Keep racking up points against this dumpster team.
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    4/20 - High as “Hall” I Ain’t Got No Satellites On Me

    4/20 let’s smoke them Sabres.
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    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    Let's keep this train chugging. Cassidy doesn't expect any of the injured players back today - but the way this team has been playing, let them get the rest.
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    4/16 - It's "Hall" good, man

    The new kids are looking good. Let's keep it going.
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    4/15 - "Hall" of Fame

    I dunno you come up with a pun for Hall's last name. Rask should be back tonight. Slowly, the Bruins are coming together.
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    4/13 - The Bruins Get a "Hall" Pass

    So let’s start dicking down teams that need to be dicked down, yea?
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    Pats Sign WR Kendrick Bourne

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    Pats Sign LB Matt Judon

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    3/7 - New Jersey comes to Boston

    Which must be nice for them, because New Jersey is the Connecticut of the mid-Atlantic. A shit state with shit people used mostly as a bypass to better places. Bruce Springsteen is overrated. I said it.
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    3/5 - Washington v2.0

    I hate this team, its shitty fanbase, and Ovechkin is a commie.
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    3/3 - Washington visits Boston

    I hope they enjoy their time away from the absolute joy-suck that is DC.
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    2/28 - New York is a rat infested dump of a city.

    Also, there's a hockey game today. Right the ship. Get back on track. 12pm start time.
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    February 2021 Game Thread

    This is interesting: View: View: At what point does his immense talent become overshadowed by his seemingly shitty attitude/effort on the ice?
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    2020 Pats: Trade Rumors & Speculations

    Twitter is abuzz because of the following tweet: View: Please speculate below.
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    September NHL News

    I don't care if it's September 18th. Minnesota Wild announced they will not be re-signing the Captain Mikko Koivu. Looks like this, combined with training Eric Staal signifies a complete clearing of house. View:
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    Hockey Diversity Alliance requests NHL suspend all games.

    From Evander Kane: View: We the @TheOfficialHDA have formally requested the @NHL to suspend all playoff games today. We strongly feel this sends a clear message that human rights take priority over sports.
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    8/26: Game 3 - Ride the Lightning

    Make adjustments, and win. Series is best of 5 now, we've punched and they counter punched. Now it's time to brawl.
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    Hub Cities Resolved: O'Canada

    Per TSN's Bob McKenzie. View:
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    Don Shula Passes Away

    View: View: Adam Beasley Don Shula was a titan. Two-time Super Bowl champion. Four-time Coach of the Year. Most regular season wins (328) and total wins...