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  1. SeoulSoxFan

    Pats Draft R7/242: WR Tre Nixon

    Evan Lazar wasn't excited about this pick, especially with Cade Johnson still on the board. Nixon missed most of the season in 2020: UCF receiver Tre Nixon and running back Greg McCrae are entering the 2021 NFL draft, passing on an extra year of eligibility the NCAA granted all athletes due...
  2. SeoulSoxFan

    Pats Draft R6/197: OT William Sherman

    Not a lot of info on the Colorado OT. The always-excellent Dane Bugler from The Athletic had this to say: We know NE has done a great job coaching up corners and OL. Sherman looks like another late-round project for the staff.
  3. SeoulSoxFan

    Pats Draft Rd6/188: S Joshua Bledsoe

    It's not a NE draft without a safety getting picked, although this one came late. From The Draft Network: It's clear BB has emphasized run defense and pass rush as the priority for next year's makeup. Perhaps Bledsoe can be stashed in the PS and continue to develop?
  4. SeoulSoxFan

    Pats Draft Rd.5/177 LB Cameron McGrone

    Another high-character LB from Michigan. I guess BB, Ernie, and the rest of the F.O. only scouted Alabama, Oklahoma, and Michigan last year. From The Draft Network: BB was honest when he said he'd value the 2019 tapes more than 2020. I'm thinking he has a decent ceiling given the fact that he...
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    NFL Draft Rd.4-7: Everything Goes Gamethread

    Do we really need 2 gamethreads for the final day of the draft? Me think not. Here are the final set of picks for NE: Rd.4: #120 Rd.5: #177 Rd.6: #188, #197 Rd.7: #242 The remaining needs are at WR, CB, and OL. Picking up a late-round RB is certainly a possibility. Enjoy the last 3 4 rounds...
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    Pats Draft Rd.3/96: EDGE Ronnie Perkins

    NE grabs EDGE defender Ronnie Perkins from Oklahoma, PFF's 43rd overall player: Per Per SI: Per B/R: View:
  7. SeoulSoxFan

    Pats Draft Rd.2/38: DI Christian Barmore

    PFF ranked him #15 on its big board. Many SoSHers had him at #15 in round 1. 6'4", 310 lbs and one of the best DTs in the draft. He was first-team All-SEC. View: BB isn't playing around!
  8. SeoulSoxFan

    NFL Draft Rd.2-3: NO SPOILERS Gamethread

    As @Dogman mentioned in the Rd.1 thread: No spoilers in this thread please. If you violate this rule and post a spoiler in this thread, you will be removed from both draft threads. Be sure you know which thread you are posting in so that there are no mistakes. Day 2 starts 7 PM EST. Enjoy the...
  9. SeoulSoxFan

    NFL Draft Rd.2-3: Discussions, Rumors & Spoilers Gamethread

    After getting Mac Jones in round 1, what will BB do in day 2? Here are the current picks for the Pats: 2nd round: No. 46 overall 3rd round: No. 96 overall We can expect some trades to fill in that gap between the picks. I'd be absolutely ecstatic if NE can pick off OL Tevin Jenkins or WR...
  10. SeoulSoxFan

    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    With the #15 pick in the draft, BB takes Mac Jones! View:
  11. SeoulSoxFan

    Pats FA Day 5: Cherry on Top?

    2 worthy names to consider. Akiem Hicks could be released: View: and Phillip Lindsay became an UFA: Greed is good...
  12. SeoulSoxFan

    Pats FA Day 2: Shock and Awe

    Lions about to release old friend Danny Shelton: View: PFF had him at 51.1 grade last year. I wouldn't mind bringing him back at a cheap deal to bolster the interior DL depth.
  13. SeoulSoxFan

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 17 vs Jets

    With the snow providing the perfect backdrop, NE gets a comfortable win vs the Jets. My game balls go to Sony and the secondary. Honorary mentions to Asiasi for his first TD as well. There will be a lot of changes for the Patriots. I'm cautiously optimistic. But for now, it's game ball time!
  14. SeoulSoxFan

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.16 vs Bills

    Once again, everyone gets a goat, emphatically. For the first time ever, I just feel numb. It's like watching a CFL game. The names are familiar but surreal. I do feel for that phone.
  15. SeoulSoxFan

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 15 at Miami

    A merciful ending to Pats' playoff hopes. A game goat for everyone, including BB for assembling a truly below-average squad.
  16. SeoulSoxFan

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.14 at LAR

    Sure, it's a short week against a good team but this was an embarrassing performance. Everyone got a game ball last Sunday. Everyone gets big, fat, ugly, wet, smelly goat this today (except Bailey & Gunner). I've flip-flopped on Cam all season but I'm really done with Newton. Just don't see any...
  17. SeoulSoxFan

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.13 at Chargers

    Just a complete ball game. Everyone gets a game ball, especially the ST unit. It's game ball time again!
  18. SeoulSoxFan

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.12 vs Arizona

    Another win against a quality opponent! One game ball goes to the ST, from the great returns to the punting to the game-winning FG. Another goes to the stout D. The goal-line stop was huge. Game ball time!
  19. SeoulSoxFan

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.11 at Houston

    Another close game lost on the last drive of the game. This Texans team was better than 2-7 record but another loss pretty much puts NE out of the playoff hunt. Here are the goats for the game: OL: as good as the unit was last game, they couldn't block for Harris nor give Cam enough time to...
  20. SeoulSoxFan

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.10 vs Ravens

    Now this is a great win. Terrific defense, stout running, and some fortunate weather. Unexpectedly, it's game ball time again. Mine goes to the OL and Harris. Back in it!