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  1. Captaincoop

    2020 Pats: QB Situation Beyond Cam

    My suggestion: cut Hoyer. He brings nothing at all to the table if he can't be counted on to be a stable, low-risk game manager. For this week, give Stidham 1st team reps and elevate Dolegala as the backup. You could bring in a veteran FA, but: 1) No one is getting up to speed on the...
  2. Captaincoop

    Ping Pong Luck: If not the Celtics...

    We all know the Celtics are going to throw down a 360 tomahawk dunk right in math's grill tonight and win a top 4 pick. But since they can't be #1, who do you want to win it?
  3. Captaincoop

    Round 1 Discussion: Celtics - Pacers

    We should have this thread by now. Some good history in this series (Bird's last playoff heroics in 1991); some bad (Paul Pierce's insane face bandage press conference). I will be watching cautiously, having burned multiple times by this frustrating Celtics group, thinking they had turned...
  4. Captaincoop

    Where does SOSH stand on Brady/Belichick/Kraft?

    Which of the three principle players do you think is most at fault in creating the current tension in the Patriot organization? We all understand there are shades of grey...the question is, in your own opinion, who is MOST responsible or who has seen their standing most damaged in your eyes?
  5. Captaincoop

    Brady Returns from his Suspension for Cheating

    Is TB12 missing? There are a bunch of stories on ESPN right now implying that. If so, I suspect Jacoby Brissett.
  6. Captaincoop

    Is it safe to discuss John Farrell again?

    9-15 in June, boat raced yesterday by a last place team, the latest in a series of demoralizing losses. It's so difficult to quantify the effect a manager has on W/L record, and surely there is blame to go around (imperfect roster, etc.), but there is also an enviable amount of talent on this...
  7. Captaincoop

    Would you prefer the NFL Playoffs to have a fixed bracket?

    Every year when the playoffs roll around, I think about this. Would be interesting to hear the BBTL take on the matter... What is the point in reseeding the playoffs after the Wild Card games, instead of just having a fixed bracket like we did back before 1990? The season is so long, and...