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  1. PrometheusWakefield

    Maybe the Red Sox are good?

    We knew they were going to hit. JD Martinez, Rafael Devers, Xander Boegarts looks like a legit middle of the order. Frenchy Cordero, Christian Vasquez, and Alex Verdugo seem like solid offensive contributors and maybe Dalbec too. It's a deep lineup. I'm not sure if we have an answer at second...
  2. PrometheusWakefield

    Super Nintendo Watch

    Pulling this out of the LF thread: How much longer until Benintendi is suiting up for the Red Sox?
  3. PrometheusWakefield

    Tracking pitch framing

    This started out as a post on the CV versus BS thread, but I want to break it out to start a more general thread looking at the influence of pitch framing in real world situations. Here's the Brooks Baseball The pitches that are most interesting are the pink squares that are outside the...
  4. PrometheusWakefield

    If we're buyers, who do we spend?

    For the purposes of this thread, lets assume we want to make a major upgrade. Who do we trade? What players would we need to trade to get a top talent in return, what players are you willing to trade, what players are you absolutely not willing to trade?   Obviously your ideal trade chip is...
  5. PrometheusWakefield

    SP Available at the 2015 Deadline

    Moving this here:   Milwaukee, Oakland, Colorado, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, probably Miami, probably the White Sox, maybe Atlanta, maybe eventually Seattle.   So, clearly IMO buying means adding another quality starter first and foremost. So if we're looking for top of the rotation, it's back...
  6. PrometheusWakefield

    We need an Eduardo Rodriguez nickname

    Because if I start to see people refer to him as "ERod" I'm going to puke.
  7. PrometheusWakefield

    Help us Eduardo Rodriguez, you're our only hope

      Is everyone else ready for the Eduardo Rodriguez era?   I sure as shit am.   18.2 IP 4 ER 1 BB 1 HR 16 Ks. 1.93 ERA and 2.47 FIP.   And he's touching 99 on the radar gun.   What are we waiting for?  
  8. PrometheusWakefield

    Did the 2014 strike zone change help GB pitchers?

    This has been mentioned in a couple of threads on the Red Sox thinking this offseason, and I thought it was worthy of a more comprehensive analysis than I had seen to date.    As many know, the strike zone looked a little different in 2014 than it did in 2013. I'll quote the New York Times from...
  9. PrometheusWakefield

    This is the weakest hitting World Series since....?

    Fill in the blank!
  10. PrometheusWakefield

    Wait, we can trade draft picks now?

    When did this happen?   According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, the Cubs have "inquired about receiving a competitive-balance draft pick and the accompanying bonus-pool money" as part of a return package for right-hander Jeff Samardzija. This would require that a trade get done by Thursday's...
  11. PrometheusWakefield

    Could Mookie Betts have an impact on 2014 Red Sox?

    I'll take my question offline, because I'm more curious what others think than what I think.    But understand I'm talking about Betts playing a direct role here, not used as trade bait or anything else. 
  12. PrometheusWakefield

    Revisiting The Peavy/Iggy Trade

    So this is basically an official admission that the Iglesias trade was a mistake, no?