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  1. CaptainLaddie

    2021 All-Star Game Rosters

    WHOOOOOO!!!! WE BACK!!!! Ahem. As I like to do every year (goddamn Covid), it's time to predict the All-Star Game rosters. Now you might be saying, "But Laddie, the ballot isn't even out yet!", and to that I say, "Kick rocks, nerd. We're roster building." A few notes: - Until the actual...
  2. CaptainLaddie

    How many regular season games do the Patriots play this season?

    I'm extremely bearish on this, personally.
  3. CaptainLaddie

    Jon Bois and Alex Rubinstein's documentary on the Seattle Mariners

    America's greatest documentarian, Jon Bois of SB Nation, has released the first three parts of his newest masterpiece, a history of the Seattle Mariners. It is spectacular and wonderful, and Jon Bois is a god damn treasure. Part 1: View: Part 2...
  4. CaptainLaddie

    2020 Gronk Watch: Gronkmania

    And here... we... go.... View:
  5. CaptainLaddie

    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    Welcome to this awesome guy!
  6. CaptainLaddie

    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    View: This will end well.
  7. CaptainLaddie

    Jonah Keri arrested, charged with assault on his wife

    Well this is disappointing to read. Damn, this is terrible. Edit: what he allegedly did is, not that its a popular baseball writer involved.
  8. CaptainLaddie

    Brian Bannister, Red Sox Pitching Guru

    (Sorry if I missed a thread on this already.) SI has an excerpt from Ben Lindburgh and Travis Sawchik's new book "THE MVP MACHINE", and damn, it's a really cool read about Bannister. Fascinating piece, and makes me...
  9. CaptainLaddie

    2019 All-Star Game Rosters

    Once again, I'm back for my favorite stupid exercise of the MLB regular season -- my attempt to figure out who makes the All-Star Game! Rules are all follows -- until we get voting results, I just put the best choices in the starter slots. Once we get voting leaders, they get slotted in and the...
  10. CaptainLaddie

    Four strikeouts in an inning

    This might be a stupid question, but.... According to, there have been 90 cases of a pitcher striking out four batters in an inning.... yet 53 of these have come since the year 2000, and 37 since the start of the 2010 season. Is there a reason why 41.1% of four-strikeout innings have...
  11. CaptainLaddie

    2019 Gronk Watch: Pulling Strings from a Shell

    FWIW: I have it under decent authority that Rob Gronkowski will "100% return next year". Edit: I should also mention this source is the same guy who told me after the Gronk injury in Denver back in 15 that he was fine and wouldn't be out long.... he missed one game.
  12. CaptainLaddie

    2018 All-Star Game Rosters

    This is an exercise I like to do every year. The first ballot updates should be out Wednesday/Thursday, so the starters on my list are the ones I think most deserve to be there, not who will end up getting voted in. After the first update, I'll have the vote leaders in there. Note: I have...
  13. CaptainLaddie

    Dion Lewis to TEN

    4 year deal per Schefty.
  14. CaptainLaddie

    All-Star Rosters 2017

    Every year I like to predict who will make the All-Star teams. This year is no different. I use the current voting leaders as the starters -- no deviation from that. The rest of the roster isn't dependent on any one stat or reason. Some guys with higher WARs or WS won't be listed in favor of a...
  15. CaptainLaddie

    2016 All Star Rosters

    I'll update this as it goes along (especially once voting results start being published), but this is my projection for the All Star Game rosters. A few thoughts: I need a Brave, Royal, and Twin -- their rosters are all pretty bad, but their lone representatives deserve to be there as far as...
  16. CaptainLaddie

    Bradley named to First Team All-Defense

    NBA All Defensive First Team: Kawhi Leonard, DeAndre Jordan, Draymond Green, Chris Paul.... and Avery Bradley (!) Good for Avery!
  17. CaptainLaddie

    Replacing Tweetdeck

    Like many other people, I LOVE Tweetdeck. I've been using it since 2008, rarely ever using the web interface. But for some fucking reason, Twitter is killing it. What's a good desktop app like Tweetdeck?
  18. CaptainLaddie

    Self-executing file on a timer

    Long story short, our remote access software (ScreenConnect) uninstalled itself without reinstalling on all of our machines. I haven't spoken to SC yet but I'm already trying to figure out ways to get them back online without having to fly all over the country in the next 24 hours. Basically...
  19. CaptainLaddie

    Cavs fire David Blatt

    Per Woj. Whoa.
  20. CaptainLaddie

    Odd logs in Event Viewer - help?

    Long story short: I use a remote desktop service to manage some computers that play background music, and I got a phone call because one of the computer stopped playing music for a few seconds. I'm not sure why, but I went into the Event Viewer to check out what might have happened at the time...