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  1. ScubaSteveAvery

    Has Anyone Ever Used ProtonMail?

    I’m trying to take seriously internet security and privacy more lately to keep up with best practices and remove that worry and hassle from my life, which means de-Googleizing my life a bit. When researching more secure email platforms, ProtonMail came across as the best, but I’m wondering if...
  2. ScubaSteveAvery

    Inside the Pylon: The Podcast

    This morning ITP launched a podcast, hosted by our very own Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield. We plan to have it up on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, etc shortly, but for now, you can listen on the site or on SoundCloud ("Inside the Pylon: The Podcast"). I may be biased, but it is a great listen. Chuck...
  3. ScubaSteveAvery

    Inside the Pylon Does the Draft

    We've published some interesting draft pieces over the last few weeks. Mark Schofield (mascho), Dave Archibald (SuperNomario), Brian Filipiak (nazz45) have all done some great draft profiles.  We have them all listed here.  Of interest for the Pats are profiles on Jordan Phillips and Carl Davis...
  4. ScubaSteveAvery

    Andre Johnson Signs with Colts    
  5. ScubaSteveAvery

    Red Sox & Pablo Sandoval agree to 5 Year, $100 Millionish Deal

    Same guy who broke the Hanley news 6 hours in advance:   The Boston Red Sox have signed Pablo Sandoval to a 5 year, 102 million dollar deal. Source with Hanley story has confirmed. It's done
  6. ScubaSteveAvery

    Second Guesser's Club - Please Win One Game

    The Red Sox head to Atlanta to play the 1st place Braves for two games, and then head to Boston for 2 games.  Here are the breakdowns:   Red Sox Braves Wins 20 28 Losses 29 21 Win % 0.408 0.571 RS/G 3.98 3.39 RA/G 4.53 3.10 Pyth O/U -4.5 3.5     The Sox are underperforming...
  7. ScubaSteveAvery

    Jackie Bradley, Jr. - Help

    The title was originally "Jackie Bradley Jr: Trouble with the Curve" but I couldn't quote a terrible move so...   Using the same Tim Britton piece as I did to start the Bogaerts thread, I noticed the team had a worse observation on Bradley so far.  While Bogaerts was merely cheating on outside...
  8. ScubaSteveAvery

    iPhone 5 Issues

    Starting on Friday night my iPhone has been having a ton of issues.  The first is that when I plug it in to charge the percent meter doesn't move.  I have to turn off and on the phone for the meter to update.  Starting on Saturday the percent meter doesn't move at all, plugged or unplugged.  I...
  9. ScubaSteveAvery

    Xander Bogaerts Offense : Warmer than Orlando in January

    Tim Britton's article on the struggles Bogaerts and Bradley, Jr got me thinking about Bogaerts' offense this season and how lost he looks sometimes.  Here is an excerpt:   This led me to take a look at his heat maps and spray charts to visualize Rodriguez' position that the Green Monster is...
  10. ScubaSteveAvery

    Second Guesser's Club - The Twins

    Red Sox Twins Wins 19 17 Losses 18 19 Win % 0.514 0.472 RS/G 4.16 4.67 RA/G 4.27 4.92 Pyth O/U 0.5 -1.0     Team Wins Losses Win % RS RA Avg OBP SLG Red Sox 68 57 0.544 595 541 0.260 0.330 0.422 Twins 57 69 0.452 545 604 0.253 0.319 0.400   I find...
  11. ScubaSteveAvery

    The 2014 Red Sox and Situational Hitting

    To the eye, the 2014 Red Sox seem bad at situational hitting.  In the Second Guessers thread for the Texas series, Kiekeredinthehead mentioned that the Sox failed at 2 more hit and runs.  From a purely observational stand point, it seems like this year's team is bad at executing plays like hit...
  12. ScubaSteveAvery

    Koji 2014: Great or Historically Great (Again)?

    In case you need reminding of what Koji did last year: from June until September Koji appeared in 53 games, pitching 53.1 innings, allowing only 17 hits, 5 runs (only 4 earned - 0.68 ERA), and 5 walks, while striking out 72 batters.  During that time period, batters posted a .097/.126/.154 line...
  13. ScubaSteveAvery

    2014 Pittsburgh Pirates: Walker-ring Off the Plank

    After last year's breakout season, the big question surrounding Huntington's Pirates was whether they could repeat their 2013 season. They had a quiet off-season, opting to trust that the loss of both Burnett (to Philadelphia) and Justin Morneau (Colorado) won't hurt them too much. The swap of...