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  1. Koufax

    Predict Celtics Record Over the Final 10 (sic) games

    My 5 win prediction is looking dicey.
  2. Koufax

    5/11 vs. Heat

    Start Tacko! I guarantee that the Heat will be taken by surprise.
  3. Koufax

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    It doesn't take a year of reading to find a counterpoint. Reaching back all of three days, there is a very nice piece about Ernie Adams. He wraps it up with this: "There was never anyone like him. There will never be anyone like him. Adams was the power behind the throne. He was legit. A...
  4. Koufax

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    Some traditions, especially those that muzzle voices, warrant revision.
  5. Koufax

    Celtics Sign Tacko Fall

    I'm still on team Tacko. The last seat on the bench is not precious and he still offers something unique and promising.
  6. Koufax

    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    Reminds me of "out of service Pervis"
  7. Koufax

    So if Kemba is "good", whats that Make Evan?

    His play last night was such an improvement that I can't help thinking that playing him has been the right thing to do.
  8. Koufax

    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    Good point about his play after the 5th foul. I did not realize he was in that position. Watching him emerge now is kind of like watching TL emerge earlier in the season. Seeing two players do that in one year is special.
  9. Koufax

    4/30 vs Spurs

    Kornet is a decent regular season guy. In the playoffs, I suspect he'd get eaten alive.
  10. Koufax

    Predict Celtics Record Over the Final 10 (sic) games

    They are basically a .500 team. You are what you are. And Brad is conserving minutes and energy for the playoffs. It's hard for me to imagine more than 5 wins.
  11. Koufax

    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    No error goes uncorrected on SOSH ! I actually looked this up before posting but my research was obviously flawed.
  12. Koufax

    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    Rozier looked good in the G league. Romeo never had that chance.
  13. Koufax

    Celtics sign Jabari Parker

    Bernard King lite.
  14. Koufax

    Tremont Waters is Bad

    It's possible that Danny had asked Brad to play Wagner in order to get one last look before deciding to pull the plug on him.
  15. Koufax

    Celtics sign Jabari Parker

    Re-sign Jabari Bird and we have a monopoly.
  16. Koufax

    Tremont Waters is Bad

    Tremont is on a 2-way contract. You can't cut him to make room for IT, who does not qualify. I turned off the game just before the debacle began. I gather from the game thread that the problem wasn't that Tremont was bad. It was that he showed no regard for the outcome of the game. He...
  17. Koufax

    Daniel Theis to Chicago for Mo Wagner

    When the lead got to 27 points on a no-defense layup, I went to bed. That was my best move of the day. I'm on the Kornet could be useful bandwagon. He looks like a decent 3rd center to me.
  18. Koufax

    NBA Trade Deadline - Buyout Season Thread

    I love the phrase "extinction level event". Much as I love IT, he was that in his last playoff series for the Celtics.
  19. Koufax

    2021 Masters Week

    I know this is a long shot, but check eBay. I once got something that I treasure to this day on offer by someone who picked up an item at a golf major and put it on Ebay.
  20. Koufax

    2021 Golf Thread

    If you can get on as a single at Butterbrook, I recommend it. Great bang for the buck.