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  1. Bleedred

    NCAA - Women's College Basketball - 2021

    Does anyone follow women's college hoop? My sons attended Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA (classes of 2020 and 2017). It's probably the premiere women's HS program in Massachusetts for the past 30 years. Two recent alums were in the news this week. 2019 graduate Katie Benzan...
  2. Bleedred

    Google Chrome

    Is this real? And if so, what are morons like me supposed to do to update google chrome? uninstall then reinstall?
  3. Bleedred

    Samsung Galaxy 8 - Playing music in car

    OK...this is my luddite question of the month. I have a Galaxy 8 and would like to play my Spotify in the car. Do I need to buy some sort of cable to connect or can this be done via blue tooth somehow so that the music will play through the speakers of the car. Yes, I'm this pathetic. Thanks
  4. Bleedred

    Updating Windows

    I have a fairly new laptop (about 5 months) and get occasional messages that I should update windows. Do I trust those and click on the updates? (Yes, I'm that clueless)
  5. Bleedred

    How about them Wildcats!? (Northwestern Hoop)

    I know it's random, but my son is a freshman in at Northwestern, and it just so happens that it is coinciding with a basketball surge at the University. Last year, NW made the tournament for the first time in their existence and they return the top 5 scorers from last year's team. Scottie...
  6. Bleedred

    Laptop Dead?

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad (about 5 years old). Yesterday I was working on it and the screen went a little haywire, epileptic like shaking and blurry lines everywhere. I couldn't ctrl-alt-del or do anything other than turn it off. When I try to turn it on now, it turns on for about 10 seconds...
  7. Bleedred

    Laptop not connecting to Internet

    My laptop (Lenovo thinkpad) is not connecting to our network at home. All of my family has had no problem (they all own apples). The error I get is "DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet" I'm simply not connecting and I don't know why. Other than rebooting, I have not a clue. Anyone?
  8. Bleedred

    External Hard Drives - Dime a dozen?

    My son is off to college in the Fall and he never backed up his computer. We plan to get him an external hard drive, but wanted to know if they are all the same or not. Thoughts?
  9. Bleedred

    Cannot connect to my home wifi network

    I was traveling this weekend and connected to my hotel network. Historically, I've never had to do anything to reconnect to my home network other than to login to the internet. It says I am not connected to my network, and asked me to enter the PIN from my router (I've never had to do this...
  10. Bleedred

    Wiping my Samsung Galaxy 6 upon return of phone

    I had a defect in my Samsung Galaxy 6 that required that I replace it with a new phone. It was under warranty so I got a new Galaxy 6 for free, but I am required to return the defective one to Verizon. Before I do so, is there some program I should run to remove all information from that...
  11. Bleedred

    Will Manning and HGH be a Superbowl Story?

    Apologies if this is being covered in some other thread, but it's hard for me to conceive how the HGH story doesn't become very topical with 2 weeks between the Championship Games and the Superbowl. It will be an amazing feat if, given how little there is to write about, that this story doesn't...
  12. Bleedred

    Laptop will not Power on

    Lenovo t440s.  My laptop will not power on.   Nothing happens when I press the power button down for an extended period of time.  The F1, F4 and FN buttons all are lit on the keyboard, but no response whatsoever.  The laptop is fully charged.   Any ideas?
  13. Bleedred

    Ad Blockers

    Article in the Boston Globe today about them and how they are threatening internet business.  Are there universally recommended ones?
  14. Bleedred

    Chrome takes 10-15 minutes to open; firefox and IE do not

    A few weeks ago my Lenovo thinkpad T440s CoreI5 suffered a "rootkit."   After much remedial work by my IT department, they finally had to wipe the entire computer clean and start from scratch.   Since then, the computer hasn't seemed to work that great, but I can deal with that.  However...
  15. Bleedred

    Windows Defender App "turned off"

    I have windows 8.1 and when I went to search for the defender app, it said it was turned off.  I don't know how to "turn it on" and want to know what I may be exposing my computer to.
  16. Bleedred


    I have a Lenovo T440s Thinkpad (Core i5).  When I try to get on the internet, I'm getting the error message in the Topic Title line.  My kids and wife can get on the internet no problem (they all have Apples).  The page noting the error directs me to a "details" section and notes that "the DNS...
  17. Bleedred

    Itunes Help

    I have an old Ipod that works perfectly fine.  However, for whatever reason, i cannot access the songs in my library of music on my PC (Lenovo Thinkpad, new in the last year).  I sign in with my apple id and password, but no matter what I do, I cannot click on any songs nor can I purchase or...
  18. Bleedred

    The epidemic of Palming (aka traveling)

    Steve Kerr mentioned this last week after the Warriors/Celtics game.  He noted Isaih Thomas carries the ball on practically every possession (he admitted that Curry does it too), making it virtually impossible to defend him.   It's run rampant in the NBA and it's definitely happening in 7th...
  19. Bleedred

    Pop Up Ads and other Crap going on with my compuer

    I have the Lenovo T440s laptop.   Great machine.  Windows defender is running, I just did a full scan and it didn't detect anything.  Yet, I keep seeing odd pop ups and advertising sites, etc., that keep tormenting me.  Also, when I click on Chrome, it doesn't go straight to the google start...
  20. Bleedred

    Lenovo ThinkPad T440s - no sound

    I am getting no sound from my laptop.  It was working fine until a few days ago, and then I logged on and no sound.  The volume buttons (F1, F2 and F3) all appear to work ok, but nevertheless, no sound.   I'm very much an idiot, so maybe there is a simple fix/answer.  Before navigating the...